TIPing The Truth

The South Carolina Chamber of Commerce wasn’t content to just endorse Vincent Sheheen.  Along with the Democrat Governors Association, the Chamber is believed to be providing funds to the “Conservatives For Truth in Politics.”  In fact, there are indications that CTIP is working from Larry Marchant’s office, or, at least collaborating with him.  

Some may have dismissed the above excerpt from my post “The Assassination of Nikki Haley: The Players,” but there is significance to it.  As I pointed out in that piece, Larry Marchant has long been associated with the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce (he’s a former SCCoC lobbyist), an anti-Nikki Haley group of big business leaders.  Like many in the General Assembly, the Chamber likes things in South Carolina JUST the way they are – even moreso if they can get it. 

Marchant has also claimed to have had a one-night stand with Haley, which is almost as convenient as it is unlikely.  When the Daily Show played the clip of Marchant “confessing” to having had sex with Nikki Haley, host Jon Stewart said, “Who that gentleman works for is not the only thing that is suspicious here.  I live in New York.  I have kind of a sixth sense about … people that are Southern.   And, uh, that guy’s seems flamingly Southern to me.  Like Truman Capote Southern or Tennesse Williams Southern or Gaylord von Homington Southern.” [see at the 7:40 mark]

As for Conservatives for Truth In Politics, well, their anti-Haley/reform platform is sleeping with both the South Carolina Chamber of Commerce and the status quo cabal in the legislature.  Trusted (unimpeachable, in fact) sources have seen CTIPs Chair and Co-Founder Cyndi Mosteller in the company of Marchant’s staff around Columbia and the group’s Executive Director, Liana Orr, has been working out of Marchant’s Columbia office.

Why IS that?

The VERY transparent agenda of “Conservatives For Truth In Politics” is to deny Nikki Haley election as governor.  The groups questions and ads all center on Nikki Haley.  They have NO questions for Democrat candidate Vincent Sheheen or even the State Legislature?  CTIP’s latest press release is a  “ ‘Truth Alert’ for the people of South Carolina.  TIP is appalled at the recent actions of the Haley campaign to mislead the people of SC on very important issues facing our state…”   Sheheen, apparently, is running a completely honest campaign – certainly a first for any politician, particularly a Democrat (and lawyer).

Here is CTIP’s actual website “Who Are We?

Who Are We?

TIP is a 501 ( c ) 4 Advocacy non profit. Formed by Cyndi Mosteller and Dr. David Woodard. The mission of TIP is to press the republican nominee Haley to specifically address many questions that have arose on her candidacy. All the issues in which we are searching for definitive answers have come to light long after the primary was over. In order for South Carolinians to make informed choices on the issues, we need total transparent on them.

TIP does not and will not endorse or oppose a candidate. WE are interested in transparency and the truth and serve to educate and advocate only.

And Nancy Pelosi will not raise your taxes!

Look, Conservatives for Truth in Politics is a shill for the No Reform forces in South Carolina.  Calling itself an “educational and advocacy” organization is nonsense. 

Now, CTIP is airing radio and TV ads in the last week of the campaign.  Curious…  A new, upstart organization has the funds for “a modest media buy.”

Well, since Conservatives for Truth in Politics “hopes to fill some of the void by asking tough questions and pushing for the truth on key issues we have identified,” I thought I would ask some tough questions myself.  The following was emailed to the CTIP’s published email address; ‘info@sctruth.com’.

  1. How much are your new media buy’s costing and how are they being funded?
  2. Does CTIP receive any funding from PACs, political organizations, campaigns or other institutions?
  3. Will CTIP release donation information to the public?
  4. How does the public know if CTIP is being funded solely by citizen donations or by PACs and/or other organizational funding?

Let’s see how responsive (and truthful) CTIP really is.  And , NO, I’m NOT gonna wait for a response before posting the questions.  CTIP publicizes it’s questions to Nikki Haley (and likely doesn’t even ask her directly), so they should be able to live with the same procedure.


11 thoughts on “TIPing The Truth

  1. I’m also disturbed by the suggestion that I’ve heard out there that US Sen. Jim DeMint, who is big buddies with Woodard, is part of the effort to assassinate Nikki Haley’s political career.

    According to a very good source, DeMint considers Haley a threat to his planned run for President. DeMint has not, to my knowledge, condemned the attacks on Nikki Haley and the fact that his very good friend is one of the founders of CTIP is at least a bit worrisome.

    DeMint has not responded to my emails inquiring into his not coming out very strongly supporting Nikki Haley and condemning the attacks against her by his friend and others.

    Personally, I believe that Nikki has no plans to run for anything else if she gets Governor and is therefore no threat to DeMint or anyone else planning a Presidential run. She has told me as much and I imagine that her mind would not be easily changed on this matter despite the attempts by me and others to persuade her. I was hoping that she’d run for US Senate afterwards but I can understand, especially after all the smears and other tactics used against her how she’d have had enough of politics after being Governor.


  2. Haley would be a VERY weak presidential candidate, as would Mark Sanford have been, circumstances notwithstanding. South Carolina is a perennially underachieving state and its Governor would have virtually nothing to run on.


  3. Anyone ever see The Shawshank Redemption?

    Warden Norton: “This is a conspiracy, that’s what it is. One…big…damn conspiracy! And everyone’s in on it, including…her!”

    “Her” in this case being Cyndi Mosteller.


  4. I too have pressed Senator DeMint to put a stop to this bashing of Nikki Haley by coming out and endorsing her and using his influence to stop these SC Republicans from hurting the state party. . He has not responde to me either. I came short of reminding him what happened to Bob Inglis when he failed the Conservatives in his district. If the mission of TIP succeeds and DeMnt does nothing, he will find no support from many SC Republicans in the future. I really thought Jim was a true Tea Party supporter and Nikki Haley was one of the success stories that would do nothing but give him more power when the new Congress convenes in January. With Mulvaney gaining a seat and the gains Republicans make in both house, the Conservatives will have much more power than before. Also, we should pick up a number of Governorships.


  5. Are you serious? Where do you get off? He’ll receive no support from SC repubs in the future? Jim Demint has done more for conservatives in this state and across this country than practically anyone. Y’all go on the attack like a bunch of mongrel dogs! There really is a difference in being conservative and being Republican and that is a damn shame. If you don’t think that Jim Demint is thrilled with Haley’s success as a fellow conservative/Republican, you are delusional. I realize that the two of you are probably really important people and are definitely deserving of an instant reply from the Senator. In the meantime there are a lot more folks deserving of criticism than Jim Demint.


    • DeMint pulled an Obama and dumped the endorsement on a Friday. What the heck is that?

      Keep you head up workingtommyc. I cant believe the treatment at Red State you received. You were right to call it out


  6. The State and every other mainstream media outlet are complicit in allowing this fraud to occur. I eagerly await their covering it post-election, but I’m not holding my breathe.


  7. Neither the Chamber nor Jim Demint have not endorsed or contributed to either of the two major reform candidates, Nikki Haley or Curtis Loftis. They are both pro-business and pro-conservative reform, and both neglected by the groups that will benefit from their policies.



    It’s a form of “POLITICAL FRAGGING” from the Vietnam era military term fragging – being killed by someone in the same unit.

    Worse than ‘Friendly Fire’ which was by accident: “…The very idea of fragging served to warn officers to avoid the ire of their enlisted men…”

    In this case it’s a warning to females from the ‘Good Old Boys’ that you don’t run for top Office in South Carolina without their Permission. Females bake cookies for the men in SC – don’t cha know?


  9. I like your comment, “South Carolina is a perennially underachieving state and its Governor would have virtually nothing to run on “.
    I do think Haley is fighting a uphill battle here in SC becasue of the ole boy way of doing things. I know when she wins the governorship, she will usher in a new way of thinking and drag SC(kicking and screaming) into the 21st century with her ideas which will become policies.


  10. This all reads like a clandestine novel and what’s disturbing is that I have read about it in other places and heard it on the air waves. If this fellow can’t prove that he slept with Nikki Haley shouldn’t he be tried for fraud for trying to sway an election. Or at least sued for slander by Haley. Some people believe that if he gets away with it then it must be true. What about the part about Republicans crossing party lines to win the primary for Greene so they can have a big laugh at the celebration party. What looks to be shaping up is a Tea Party led Ross Perot type interference to ensure that Obama gets re-elected. Obviously the republicans have no one who is chaste enough to say he is better than Obama.


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