State Republican Leaders Challenge TIP's Principles and Motivations

Columbia, SC – Today a diverse group of state Republicans joined together to question the conservative principles and motivations of Conservatives for Truth in Politics (TIP).

The GOP leaders highlighted recent statements made by TIP’s supposedly Republican leaders: Dave Woodard, Cyndi Mosteller, and Liana Orr.

These statements by Woodard, Mosteller, and Orr stand in stark contrast to the state Republican Party platform. According to the platform: “The South Carolina Republican Party, the state party of opportunity, supports a tax policy designed to help the economy grow, not stunt the taxpayer…We therefore support policies that allow hardworking South Carolinians to keep more of their own money rather than be given to the State…The Party calls on our Statehouse and Congressional delegations to stand firm in opposing new tax increases.”

Jill Kelso specifically criticized TIP for using Democrats’ talking points. “These supposed Republicans sound like a bunch of liberal Democrats who use buzz words like ‘big tobacco’ and ‘working families.’ They are right at home using their group to promote Vincent Sheheen and the Democratic Party. Nikki Haley has made it abundantly clear that she will oppose ANY overall tax increase on South Carolinians.”said Kelso.

The Republican leaders also called TIP’s motivations into question. Kelso continued, “Recent reports from citizen-reporters raise serious questions about TIP’s true motivations. TIP refuses to acknowledge the persons or interest groups that are funding their efforts.” Kelso also stated that citizen advocates might challenge TIP’s 501c4 tax status to prevent TIP from continuing to hide its funding sources. Federal law states that a 501c4 group’s primary purpose cannot be to influence elections. “Something’s fishy at TIP. Almost all of their efforts have been in the form of attacks on Nikki Haley. Their primary purpose seems election-related to me,” concluded Kelso.

Lin Bennett – Chairman, Charleston Co. GOP
Jerry Black – Vice Chairman, Dorchester Co. GOP
Jordan Bryngelson – Executive Committeeman, Dorchester Co. GOP
Tim Callanan – Chairman, Berkeley County GOP
John Cattano – Columbia Activist
Carroll Duncan – Chairman, Dorchester Co. GOP
Patrick Haddon – Chairman, Greenville Co. GOP
Jill Kelso – Executive Committeeman, Georgetown Co. GOP
Mark Lutz – Former 1st District GOP Congressional Candidate
Pat McKinney – Charleston Activist
Lanneau Siegling – Executive Committeeman, Charleston Co. GOP
Bauer Vaughters – Aiken Co. Activist
Trey Whitehurst – Pickens Co. Activist and County Council Candidate


5 thoughts on “State Republican Leaders Challenge TIP's Principles and Motivations

  1. How did they get their 501(c) exemption so quickly? I had the impression TIP was formed only a few months ago. I have waited a year or more for an IRS ruling on some 501(c) applications that I have worked on.


  2. It’s about time someone stood up against the good ole boys and questioned their motives. The organization I belong to filed for 501C4 status and it took a year for it to be processed through the IRS. They could have filed with the Secretary of State but that doesn’t mean squat. Charlie thanks for doing the research. I’ve dealt with Sheheen before on past legislation and he’s a backstabber, plus we don’t need a another lawyer politician even though the governor doesn’t wield a lot of power in this state.


  3. Let’s see if the press or someone will look into how this organization got, if in fact they do have their 501C4 status. Since this is all about truth in politics.


  4. As an Horry County Executive Committee member, I throw my hat in this cause too.

    While our GOP seems content with the actions of TIP, I for one voice my opposition to the “message” they are presenting.



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