ALL Democrats Are Racists

The Democratic Party has been telling us for a couple of generations that Republicans hate children, the poor, people of color (though I think beige IS a color), immigrants, homosexuals, women, the elderly, Native Americans …  well, everyone but rich white folk.

African-Americans, in particular have related to Democrats because … um, …. uh…. well, I don’t know why, but they have.  The Dems even trotted out a (semi) black guy and successfully ran him for president.  ‘Cause, you see, Republicans don’t like blacks.  Never have, or so we’ve been told (OVER and OVER and OVER).  [See also Kanye West]

Further, this inherent GOP racism has been magnified during the Obama administration.  Why, you only have to listen to members of his own party who point out that Republican opposition to Obama’s altruistic agenda (health care, bailouts, increased debt, raising taxes, kowtowing to Muslims, playing lots and lots of golf, etc.) is nothing more than racism personified.  REPUBLICANS ONLY OPPOSED BARACK OBAMA BECAUSE HE IS BLACK.

Well, this past week, the truth has seen light.  President Obama made some major compromises with the Republican congressional leadership on extending the “Bush” tax cuts.  The howls from Democrats was loud, shrill and even obscene.  But it was also revealing.

Clearly, those Democrats (like Obama and Vice President Joe Biden) who agree with the tax deal are racists because they’ve made the deal with the devils themselves.  Some of the negotiations were even held with only the “principals” in attendance, no press; no aides.  Hmmm…  do you suppose maybe a cross was burned behind those closed doors?

As for those who do NOT go along with the deal, since they oppose President Obama, they are doing so because they’re racists.  Like opposition Republicans before them, their disagreement has nothing to do with principle or simple difference of opinion.  NO, they don’t want Barack Obama to succeed because he’s a black man! 

So, Democrats FOR Obama’s move on this are racists because they side with racists Republicans and those AGAINST him are racists because they oppose a black president.  That’s pretty much all of them.

P.S.  Doesn’t Congressman Jim Moran (D-VA) obscene comment about the president trump Rep. Joe Wilson’s “You lie!”?


One thought on “ALL Democrats Are Racists

  1. I think the Dems are especially racist when they treat minorities as being incapable of achieving on their own. Their “help” is usually just plain vote-buying and is, of course, socialism at its most venal.

    More than anything, politicians in both major parties are abusive of stupid, ignorant, or gullible people. They are often aided and abetted by those in our country who are intelligent, knowledgeable, and cynical. These “enablers” of “citizen abuse” form the intellectual elite in the media, lobby groups, and the like. The enablers go through the staged shows of elections and promoting corporate welfare legislation with all the accompanying pomp and ceremony in order to get what they selfishly want and then characterize it in the most flattering light unto themselves.

    The truth is that the abusers are not racists in any sense nor do they cling to any sort of principled belief system, good nor bad. They’re really sociopaths who are in the system to be abusive and take all they can get with no real ability to empathize with real people whose honest labor are all that keeps the nation’s economy and culture going. They’re out to rob Peter to pay Paul–or not. It doesn’t matter what they have to do or not do in order to get what they want which is most obviously and undoubtedly power.


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