SCGOP On The Brink

The South Carolina Republican Party is facing a critical six months.  Between now and May 2011, at least five factors will influence the party’s agenda and offer opportunities to either prosper or commit suicide

First, Nikki Haley’s election as governor has gotten very flattering press nationally and she has made a name for herself with conservative reformers by confronting President Obama.  This positive press can translate to the state’s party organization as a foundation for fundraising and recruitment.

Second, with Chairperson Karen Floyd stepping down in May, the SCGOP has an opportunity to build the party from the top down and reflect the mood of the state’s electorate.  It doesn’t have to compromise, but it needs to select someone as Chair who can optimize the populist agenda.

Third, the rise of the Tea Party is an open invitation to absorb both the energy and the resources of a large and vocal (and voting) part of the population.  It can be argued that the Tea Party is the Republican Party of old with the barnacles of arrogance scraped away.  The party needs to talk to and include these folks.

Fourth, the 2012 South Carolina Presidential Primary will be held in February.  This will be the first GOP primary as Iowa, New Hampshire and Nevada will precede with caucuses and it comes only nine months after selection of a new SCGOP Chair.  The primary will bring millions of dollars, bus loads of people and intense scrutiny to the state. 

Fifth, the first GOP Presidential debate will take place in Greenville on May 5th.  This is going to be the first volley in an 18 month battle for the White House and, like Ft. Sumter, it’ll be fired on Palmetto State soil.  It is essential that the state party get this right and that all events are conducted flawlessly.  And it wouldn’t hurt to have some high-tech innovations as well.

To get where it needs to go, the South Carolina Republican Party needs to shed the old school obstructionists and both construct and promote itself as as new, voter-centric fiscally conservative political entity.  It also needs to prove that it can do the big things well and manage the details.

Suicide is certainly change, but not one with a future.


One thought on “SCGOP On The Brink

  1. I generally agree with your statements.

    I think Karen Floyd saw the writing on the wall and at least made a show of open arms to folks who simply wanted the party to go by its own platform. Unfortunately, her heart still belongs, for the most part, to the universal & perpetual Big Government Party. Old political habits and lifestyles are hard to break. At most, she took a couple of tiny baby steps in the right direction. I am grateful for that at least.

    We need someone to lead the party who understands the basic, fundamental differences in what the roles of the federal and state levels of government are, by law, and not be afraid to promote a true, legally required, representative republican form of governance. That should be the rock we build our party on. To do otherwise is to proceed from a false premise.

    All the talk of recruiting good candidates and winning comes AFTER we have politicians who understand the basic truths involved in our possessing a state where the people are sovereign. If there’s too much talk of simply “winning” elections, the party will go right back to the habits of getting big-spending corporate whores, whose hearts beat with the flow of cash and the doling out of favor$ at the expense of the tax payers. There has to be more to our party than simply holding power or we the people won’t stay in power–no matter which party’s candidates win.

    I think we should aim very high. If we don’t set our philosophical and political goals for governance higher than we may ever achieve them, we’ll never even make the bare minimum required for survival.

    In contrast, “pragmatism” at the party level empowers political deal making and back stabbing along the lines of Jake Knotts and Lindsey Graham. And may those two men, in their upcoming primaries in less than two and four years respectively, be forced to retire in shame and humiliation as the people reject, once and for all, their abuse of us, our principles, and the simple, unvarnished truth. In the meantime, may they both be tortured by the whining of Bob Inglis, a veritable prophet of doom for those who ignore the reality of an awakening electorate.


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