Two Borders

There are two borders that are serving as more than just national delineations; they’re also firewalls to American security.  It doesn’t have to be this way, but U.S. policies have allowed this to happen and the result is the death of Americans in uniform, billions of dollars in unnecessary expenditures and a great nation humiliated.

American military forces in Afghanistan have been combating the Taliban for over nine years.  The long, ugly conflict has had marginal results. Initial gains, primarily in removing the Taliban from control of the government, ultimately gave way to Taliban resurgence.  The replacement administration of Hamid Karzai, once a strong U.S. ally, has more recently devolved into a corrupt and unreliable third-world cabal.

The most damaging component of the war in Afghanistan is the safe haven enjoyed by the Taliban and its tribal sympathizers across the border in northern Pakistan.

American military commanders say insurgents freely cross from Pakistan into Afghanistan to plant bombs and fight American troops and then return to Pakistan for rest and resupply.”

The United States gives Pakistan nearly $2 billion in aid per year yet Islamabad does little (i.e. nothing) to shut down these sanctuaries, some of which are less than 200 miles from the capital itself.

So, our efforts to wipe out a major terrorist organization and virulent Muslim sect is being frustrated by a political line – the Afghanistan-Pakistan border.  

Less than 60 miles south of Tucson, Arizona, U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was killed by Mexican insurgents during a gun battle earlier this week. This particular group of thugs targets illegal immigrants that pour across the border into the United States.

In the last few years, cross-border violence has increased significantly as drug cartels, human smugglers and common criminals from Mexico have gotten more and more bold in their operations.  And well they should be more confident because our government has done so little to protect our southern perimeter.

The United States has given Mexico over $144 million out of a promised $1.6 billion to fight drug trafficking (this in addition to $28 million in other aid per year).  Yet, despite this generosity, Mexican cartels are thriving and their violence near and across the U.S. border increases.

But the border itself protects the criminals.  U.S. agents can literally watch smugglers bivouac just yards from the line.  In Ciudad Juarez, Mexico, virtually across the street from El Paso, Texas, there have been more than 2,500 drug-related deaths reported this year. 

Armed bandits brandish a wide range of military-grade weapons including C-4 and other explosives.  “Overkill” is, apparently, an unknown concept in Mexico.

Two borders – both impediments to U.S. security.  The war in Afghanistan has done little to impede terrorist activity worldwide and Americans at home are repeatedly warned of “possible attacks” during holidays and major events. 

In the meantime, there is a war on our own border that we are not fighting. 

How many American lives – both military and civilian on our own soil – would be saved if troops in the highlands of Afghanistan were redeployed to the scrublands California, Arizona, New Mexico and Texas? 

How much money would be saved? 

How many jobs would be created if U.S. military bases were constructed to protect our own territories?

With American troops patrolling the borders, what would happen to the flood of illegals coming into the country?

Two borders should be just one.


2 thoughts on “Two Borders

  1. Oh! our battle hardened troops will go to Mexico, but not to the borders, Instead
    they will go to Mexico City, just like before. Except this time they will be invited in.
    There’s a plan, and the Mexican authorities know about it. Either they clean up their
    country or our soldiers will do it for them. There is the thought in the back of every
    politician’s and general’s mind – ‘let it fulminate’. But then what? Will it beat Puerto
    Rico in becoming the 51’st state? Just saying.


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