Money For Nothing

ESPN has published an article listing the bowl-bound universities that spent the most on their respective football programs.  It should be no surprise that of the top 10, 6 of the schools were in the SEC, joining such programs as Ohio State and Notre Dame with Wisconsin and TCU rounding out the list.  But, number 7 is a curious entry.

The University of South Carolina, my alma mater, laid out nearly $23 million on football in 2010.  That’s over $2.5 million per win and the post-season opportunity to appear on national television and be humiliated – TWICE.

Four touchdowns in two post-season games and 7 (SEVEN) turnovers.

Then there was the Arkansas embarrassment and the loss to Kentucky.

Forty-nine (49) offensive touchdowns – a bargain at only $469,000 apiece.

I don’t know how much money the Carolina football program brought in for the university, but if the Gamecocks are going to be on a list like this, I want them to perform like the rest of the teams on that list.

Top 10 spenders:
1. Ohio State, $31,763,036
2. Alabama, $31,118,134
3. Notre Dame, $29,490,788
4. Auburn, $27,911,713
5. LSU, $25,566,520
6. Florida, $24,457,557
7. South Carolina, $22,794,211
8. Wisconsin, $22,041,491
9. Arkansas $22,005,014
10. TCU $20,609,361


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