He Said He Said

The run for chairmanship of the South Carolina Republican Party has become, for one of the candidates, a personal glorification.

I related some of the issues that surround contender Patrick Haddon. Yet, there may be more.

A number of sources have told me that Haddon has claimed to them to have the tacit backing of several key GOP figures. Among the luminaries from whom Haddon has supposedly received endorsement are Governor Nikki Haley and former SCGOP Chair Katon Dawson.

The Governor’s office confirms that she has made no such endorsement and in an email exchange with Chairman Dawson, he wrote;

I have not made any endorsements for chairman not public or private and look forward to a spirted race and each canidates plans to move our party forward and host a presidential primary.

The Chairman gave me permission to quote him.


4 thoughts on “He Said He Said

  1. Todd Kincannon, when speaking to a packed room of citizens at the Lexington County Library about the process of reorganization on Monday of last week, managed to repeatedly bring up his active support for Patrick Haddon. By my estimate, he talked about Haddon and his support for him at least a dozen times. I imagine that he’s been doing this wherever he’s been invited to speak on behalf of the SCGOP during reorganization training sessions.


  2. I too attended that Lexington county meeting where Todd Kincannon droned incessantly about his work supporting Patrick Haddon for SC GOP Chair. I was a bit put off by the repeated mentions. Kincannon also repeatedly lectured the room not to “come in and take over” precincts, and toss out “little old ladies who have been there for 40 years” as a precinct president. I presume this means Kincannon (and by association Haddon) would like the GOP to remain status quo, since these mythical “little old ladies” have been running things so well for so long…


  3. The first two comments are why I am supporting Chad for chairman. The party, under K Floyd, has become a party of paid political hacks. Kincannon, Wes Donahue, Bob Cahaly, JW Ragley, etc…these people run our party and they are amoral, paid hacks that will do anything their paymasters want.
    The rank and file of the GOP are tired of it. I like Patrick and am sorry to see him become aligned with these guys. It will cost him the election and set him back years. But he made that choice.


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