How DARE She?

So, Governor Nikki Haley wants to give the South Carolina state legislature a “report card” on how the two houses are doing their jobs.  Who elected HER to oversee state government ANYway?

Haley said “The purpose of the report card is to track the results of legislation that are important to the people of South Carolina.  This is not personal. This is not partisan. This is good government.”

HA!  The people of South Carolina do not want to know what the general assembly is doing and they sure as hell don’t care about good government!  If they DID, would they keep re-electing the same dastardly bunch of nimrods to represent them in the senate and the house?   NO!

And TRANSPARENCY?  WHEN is she gonna get off of THAT dead horse?  How many times must senators and representatives tell her that it is UN-FREAKING-CONSTITUTIONAL for the citizens to know how their legislators vote?  It’s a fad drummed up by someone wanting to get elected.  That’s all.  South Carolinians don’t want to know who voted for what or how much money the state is spending or what it’s being spent on.

I tell you one thing, South Carolina wouldn’t be embarrassed like this if Vincent Sheheen had been elected governor.  NOOOOOOO.  For one thing, he’s a Democrat and we KNOW how much they hate transparency.  Besides, Sheheen is one of the good ol’ boys and he likes things JUST THE WAY THEY ARE.   He wants to keep things nice and quiet and even if he didn’t, all those fine upstanding Republicans would see to it that he would.  Not like that loud-mouth Haley.


Blah, blah, blah.

You wanna know what the people of South Carolina REALLY want to know about?  It isn’t what’s going on in the State House, it’s what’s going on in the boudoir.  Yep… all they want to know about is sex.  That’s why the politicians and special interests pay “folks” to make things up and Process a Story about candidates that want TRANSPARENCY, TRANSPARENCY!

Besides, she didn’t even tell legislators how they can get extra credit.

That’s not fair!


13 thoughts on “How DARE She?

  1. I am confused are you a Democrat or Republican…I don’t understand your writings…I think Nikki Haley is trying to get things right with the Government so sir where are you coming from am I misunderstanding? Thanks


  2. Would minutes of all meetings concerning the strategy of
    attracting large manufacturing firms to locate here, along
    with communications from respective counties count as

    Would House and Senate members attaching their names
    to votes?

    Which of the above would you rank highest?


    • The second, by far! As for attracting jobs to the state, I’d say give them anything they want, and then some. The fact is, the jobs that they create are worth many times more to our state than any tax or capital spending relating to the company. If there is a possibility that a company would relocate to South Carolina with 1,000 jobs, then we should be willing to incentivize them to the best extent possible. How much would you pay for a goose that lays golden eggs? Would you wait for him to go on sale?

      As for the counter-argument that it’s unfair to existing businesses in the state, then I say the same deal applies to them. Let them hire another 1,000 people and they can get a nice tax break and welcome basket as well.

      Our state should be business friendly. If you work for an organization that is something other than a business – like the government or non-profit – then you should be firmly aware that it is the businesses and their employees that PAY for it. Private sector jobs are the ONLY answer. They generate tax money for the state (income and sales), they lessen the burden on the state’s unemployment insurance fund, they foster growth in the community through increased commerce, and they buy houses thus increasing YOUR property value. Bring 1,000 jobs to Marion County and I’ll show you a metamorphosis worth every penny Nikki, Jim, Kent, and whoever else wants to give them!


  3. Nice play on words Charlie.

    If you have read my blog, watched Pub Politics or watched the WACH Fox version of Pub Politics over the last few months, you would see that I’ve been fully supportive of Governor Haley’s agenda and the large majority of her actions. I would venture to say that there is no one else who has taken up for her as much as I have. I also agree with her stance on this report card. Some complain that the Governor is still in campaign mode. Well guess what? This is something she PROMISED on the campaign trail. Maybe some of our elected officials should realize that promises made when trying to get elected are promises that should be kept when they get elected.


  4. I’m not certain the legislators give a damn about any stinking “Report Card” after all they fully expect a social promotion. Nikki on the other hand is certainly free to offer up her “GRADES”.


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