Donors and Voters and Hypocrites

The once and (likely) future chair of the South Carolina Democratic Party, Dick Harpootlian, has called out Governor Nikki Haley for failure to “report the occupation of 68% of the individuals listed as contributors to her campaign.”  He’s got a point, but are not Harpootlian and his Democratic colleagues equally disingenuous?

In a press release titled “Haley’s a Hypocrite,” Harpootlian is quoted as saying, “She wants new transparency laws, but she can’t be bothered to follow the ones we already have. Who are all of these people who bankrolled her campaign?” As the Harpootlian press release points out:

The South Carolina Ethics Commission requires campaigns to report the name, address, and occupation of their donors.

The press release, sent to only one media outlet, FITSNews (at this writing, it doesn’t even appear on the Harpootlian website), is dead on in calling the governor out.  The public has a right to know who is funding the campaigns for those up for election, particularly when the law requires disclosure.

Elections are critical to the democratic process and everything should – must –  be done to ensure they are carried out fairly and uncorrupted

If only …

What’s this?

A bill in the South Carolina state legislature requiring voters to show state-approved photo identification to vote!

House Democrats – along with several other groups, including the state chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union, the AARP, League of Women Voters, the National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, and Protection and Advocacy for People with Disabilities – oppose the bill, saying it’s a step backward in voting rights and will create unnecessary burdens for the poor, disabled and others to acquire a photo ID.

House Republicans say the bill is needed to protect against voter fraud and that photo IDs are now required for a wide range of activities, including purchasing cold medicine at pharmacies and boarding a plane.

You have to be identified to almost walk down the street,” Rep. B.R. Skelton, R-Pickens, said during Wednesday’s debate. [The State]

I don’t argue that campaign donor records aren’t necessary or should not be disclosed, but isn’t who votes in elections far more important than who funds them?  If a political action committee surreptitiously funnels $10,000 dollars to a candidate’s campaign, that doesn’t affect the actual voting process.  Sure, it may influence, but, ultimately, it gets down to what happens in the voting booth, and by whom.

It should be the far greater concern of government to be certain that those punching cards, pulling levers and pushing buttons are doing so legitimately.  If and when an ineligible person casts a ballot, the entire voting process is corrupted.

The rants of the left, primary among them Harpootlian’s Democrats and their radical constituencies, are nothing more than fear-mongering playing to the ignorant.  Charging the bill with actually denying one the right to vote is inane.  Claims that the elderly can’t get a ride to get the ID is empty-headed.  They can get a ride to vote, but not to get an ID?  Why can’t those “get out the vote” efforts that ferry voters to the polls institute a “get an ID” program as well?

And to insinuate that having to prove one’s eligibility to vote is “intimidation, through outright threats designed to keep poor people, people of color, away from the polls,” as did Rep. Joe Neal (D-Richland) is disgusting and racist.

Unless Mr. Harpootlian and the Democratic Party are interested in only “some” transparency when it comes to the election process, then maybe he should be careful about throwing around the word “hypocrite.”


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  1. Sir:I along with millions of other Americans are telling this Socialist that we want his hand out of our pocket.Enough taxes already.The only difference between him and a robber is that the robber has the gun.I envite this socialist to South Carolina where we can confront him eye to eye.Bet he doesn’t have the guts!!!


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