SCGOP Chairmanship

On Saturday, the South Carolina Republican Party will hold it’s state convention at which a new Chairman will be elected.  I believe 2011 can be the beginning of the New Conservative Age in American politics and Republican leadership at all levels is critical to marshal this necessary movement.

As is always the case in politics, there has already been a lot said, smeared, whispered, shouted, blogged and emailed about this race and it’s candidates, so I can’t offer any new insight.  I will, however, reiterate something I wrote last month, excerpted here:

Chad Connelly has officially been running for SCGOP Chair since January and, in doing so, has visited and spoken to every county party organization in the state.  He has been tireless, an energy the next state chair is going to need. 

At this writing, Connelly has secured the endorsements of 56 SCGOP Executive Committee Members and scores of elected officials and party activists.  Of them all, the ones that sealed Connelly’s selection have come in the last week.

State Treasurer Curtis Loftis and Congressmen Jeff Duncan and Mick Mulvaney – three of South Carolina’s most powerful public figures – announced that they are backing Connelly.

These public seals of approval do more than state a preference; they form the beginnings of a much needed party unity and an institutional inclusion of the Tea Party folks.  Loftis, Duncan and Mulvaney are champions of the Tea Party and their endorsement of Chad Connelly is a not-so-subtle notice that he is the person who can bring the Tea Party to the … well, the Party.

Mr. Connelly clearly comes from the mold of those Republicans elected last fall; a group of men who have had enough of the crap that has held South Carolina down for decades and now threatens our entire country. 

The Palmetto State GOP trusted – and still trust – State Treasurer Curtis Loftis and Congressmen Jeff Duncan and Mick Mulvaney with leadership for the direction of the Palmetto State.  I believe they should now trust their judgment and select Chad Connelly as the next Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party.



  1. Bill Connor is my choice but I think that, whoever wins, we’ll have the most conservative leader ever elected to that position in modern times. I was very impressed by the other two candidates as well at a debate a few weeks ago. I think we may be on the verge of historically noteworthy and very positive change in that regular, everyday working citizens are taking control of the GOP.


  2. Great article, I would just like to see one caveat. Instead of the republican party chairman (whoever that may be), bringing the TEA Party into the “party”. How about the TEA Party bringing the republican party into the “party”?


    • How about we compromise and just let people of like minds and like purposes join the conservative movement in SC. I’m a Tea Partier and a Republican, and stand four square against the liberal destruction of this Nation. I think we can all agree that the answer lies in our Constitution, and any effort to return to those principals is worthy of support.


  3. The man has the energy of a 6 year old. He is tireless!
    After running around the State he still has time to make personal phone calls to promote his cause.


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