Nikki Haley: "Don't think about me for 2012 veep"

Amid contrived claims that South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley is looking to higher office, the governor has dismissed the idea.

A prominent out-of-state-funded blog has been bellowing that Governor Haley is actively seeking a place on the Republican national ticket in 2012.  The Haley-obsessed FITSNews has tried to create another thread of discussion in yet another special interest attempt to diminish the governor.

Fueling speculation that she is actively courting a vice presidential nomination from the perceived 2012 GOP frontrunner, S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley gave former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney a wide berth when discussing his version of socialized medicine.


S.C. Senator Vincent Sheheen will run against Gov. Nikki Haley in 2014 – assuming Haley hasn’t succeeded in her quest to become vice president…


A week after telling a Canadian publication that “everybody wants to talk about VP with me,” S.C. Gov. Nikki Haley told a national radio audience that she is the “flavor of the month” in the race for the No. 2 spot on the 2012 Republican ticket.

“I am very aware that I am the flavor of the month, which is what happens in politics,” Haley told conservative radio host Mike Gallagher on Thursday.  Aside from herself, who is talking up Haley’s prospective candidacy?

This latter contention is particularly pitiful.  FITSNews apparently doesn’t understand (or chose to ignore) that Governor Haley was actually ridiculing the notion that she would or should be considered as a vice presidential candidate.  Instead, the website ran a poll to gauge reader opinion on whether or not she would be a good VP pick.  As one would expect from that site’s readership, the poll was overwhelmingly “anti.”

The reason these stories were posted were (1) to continue to disparage Governor Haley and (2) when a vice-presidential invitation doesn’t materialize (a certainty since she’s not so engaged), to mock her for NOT being chosen.  It’s a classic political game.

Now, the governor has stated in plain language that even the FITSNews crowd can understand (a stretch, I know);

Nikki Haley: Don’t think about me for 2012 veep

By Katherine Skiba,
Washington Bureau, LA Times

South Carolina’s new governor, Nikki Haley, made clear Sunday she wanted no part of the Republican veepstakes.

Haley, appearing on ABC’s “This Week,” was unequivocal about sitting out the contest.

“I find it silly that it’s being talked about, but I will tell you this,” she told host Christiane Amanpour. “The people of South Carolina took a chance on electing me. It is my job and my family’s job to prove to them that they made a good decision. I plan on committing to the people of this state my full four years in office, and I look forward to watching 2012 and making sure those policy discussions are there, but I also plan on making the people of South Carolina very proud.

“I represent the best state in the country,” Haley said. “There’s no better job than that.”

Haley, 39, is the first woman and first minority — she’s the daughter of Indian immigrants — to serve as South Carolina governor. Haley was sworn in in January.

No matter who the Governor of South Carolina is, other than ideas, (s)he will likely have nothing to offer a presidential ticket, particularly a record of achievement.  This isn’t necessarily the governor’s fault – much.  The state constitution and an imperial General Assembly intentionally prevents the chief executive from creating a viable portfolio.  And running as governor of a state with a dismal education system, world-class unemployment and seat-of-the-pants governance hardly provides a platform to attract voters nationwide.

I think – I hope – the nation is moving away from candidates who say the right thing and towards those who have proven they can and will actually do the things necessary for the country.  The restrictions of office for the Governor of South Carolina don’t offer the opportunity to accomplish the latter.

We’ve been burned to often and too severely, most recently in 2008.  We cannot afford to have rookies run the most advanced and powerful nation on earth.  And unless/until things change astronomically in the next several years, whomever is the Governor of South Carolina will be a perpetual rookie.



  1. Sorry, but it hurts my head and heart too much to think that she is Gov. So, I do not think of her being VP. That’s on the same level as Palin. Come On! She would not pass the muster on personal and professional behaviors. Her ability to lead is still in doubt.


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