Spurrier Proposes Paying Players

At the Southeast Conferense meeting held in Florida recently, South Carolina head football coach Steve Spurrier proposed paying players $300 per game.

By Chip Towers
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The most surprising news Wednesday was Spurrier’s announcement that he had proposed to the SEC that football coaches be allowed to pay their players a “game bonus” of $300 per game during the season.

“They can give it to their parents for travel, lodging, meals. Maybe they could take their girlfriend out Sunday night or Saturday night and so forth,” Spurrier said. “A bunch of our coaches felt so strongly about it that we’d be willing to pay. Seventy guys, 300 bucks a game. That’s only $21,000 bucks a game.

“I doubt it will get passed. But as coaches, we make all the money, as do universities and television, and we need to give more to our players. That was just something we need to get out there.”

Generally, Spurrier’s proposal was not taken seriously. But his gesture was appreciated.

“The spirit of wanting to get more financial help for our players is unanimous,” said Richt, who didn’t sign the proposal. “But how to go about it, I’m saying that wouldn’t necessarily be the best way to do it. I didn’t sign it because I didn’t want to say that’s how I felt was the best way to get it done.”


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