A Greater Mystery

I don’t think those who have been leery of Barack Obama and general liberal propensities were surprised by the revelations of Administration misconduct. Benghazi, the IRS, wiretapping the AP, Fast and Furious are all of the sort of Stalinesque demagoguery expected of a socialst-tinted Democrat Party. In fact, the most shocking thing of all this is that these actions have been publicized to the current level.

The idea that the people who brought us ObamaCare would cover up actions regarding the death of four Americans is almost expected by people who have been paying attention. Take a dump on the First Amendment? These are the same fine folks who trying to flush Second Amendment from the Constitution. Use the IRS to target regime opponents and feed the results to Harry Reid and Obama re-election campaign officials? Puh-leeze!

So, it’s not these discoveries that interest me the most, it’s what ELSE the Democrat politburo has done that we don’t yet know about.

The Obama/Democrat/Liberal cabal has proven that it has no regard for life, law, ethics or the well being of the American people. What else have they done? To what end have they used government resources to attack citizen opponents? Who have they unjustly villified? To whom have they funneled billions of taxpayer dollars as favors? (See Solyndra).

What we are seeing is more than just a corrupt Administration. It’s political DNA. These “scandals” are the genetics of Liberalism the flagship of which is the Democrat Party.

Obama, Eric Holder and Hillary Clinton are expendable footsoldiers. Watch carefully what happens and think about what else there may be.


One comment

  1. Charlie, I know you have carried the Republican torch for a very long time, now, and you are basically ensconced in the long past idea of the Party and what it used to stand for. The old guard is gone and now we have Boehner, Graham, et al, representative of a shell of the Republican Party. It ain’t pretty watching these sock puppets bend over and take it from their handlers. They don’t represent me and you any more, all we get is lip service. Its all about money and what’s in it for “them”. We don’t elect purists anymore, just opportunists.

    But, it is fun to watch Obama squirm. Its like my father always said (and I’m sure that its someone’s quote) “if you tell the truth, you won’t have to keep up with all your lies”. Obama’s memory seems to be failing (or is it faulty teleprompters?) and he can’t seem to keep up with all the lies he told and who he told them to. But, I digress.

    As the torch is passed between Democrat and Republican presidents regardless who is elected, since George H.W. Bush, the presidents and their administrations we have had, have progressively raped this country and the American people.

    I’m out of money and my butt hurts.



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