BUSTED! It IS About Race

OK folks, it’s time to ‘fess up. We’ve been found out.  Busted!  The TRUE reason for disagreeing with President Barack H(ush) Obama is because he is a Negro/African-American/Black/Colored man.

So, conservatives, Republicans, free speech advocates, vocal moderates, anti-communists, anti-socialists, pro-lifers, anti-big government apostles, low tax proponents, constitutional purists, Second Amendment supporters, believers in the Fourth Amendment, Ninth Amendment backers, those who believe in a strong defense, people who want stricter immigration laws – and the enforcement of them, you who want government accountability, anyone who cares about mounting government debt, citizens who demand control over their own health care decisions, Americans who do not want billions of tax dollars going to ACORN for promoting tax fraud and prostitution of under-aged girls, all of you who believe members of Congress should be held to the same standard of conduct as everyone else, voters who think Representatives and Senators should read bills before voting on them, capitalists, folks who believe one must show proof of citizenship and residency before being allowed to vote, whomever considers a president giving uninformed criticisms of the police distasteful and wrong, pro-Israel backers, believers in the Ten Amendment, Americans who don’t believe we have anything for which to apologize, the anti-bailout people, those who are committed to the idea of personal responsibility, citizens who think constitutional checks and balances don’t provide for nearly three dozen “czars,”  free market exponents, the unemployed, you who do not want SEIU thugs and officials in positions of power in our federal government and anybody who worries about the radicals with which the President of the United States has surrounded himself – admit it.

It’s all because he’s black.


6 thoughts on “BUSTED! It IS About Race

  1. Jackson Lee isn’t that the Tex rep that answered her cell phone right during the middle of a Townhall whereby some cracker constituent was asking a question…


  2. Isn’t that the same Sheila Jackson Lee who asked if the Mars Path Finder probe had taken a picture of the US flag that Neil Armstrong planted on Mars in 1969. You mean that Sheila Jackson Lee?


  3. Black? Only if one were to use former Democratic Wing the KKK definition of black being “one drop of negro blood rule.” His mom was white traielr trash according to those who knew her well. His dad? He was 7/8th Arab and 1/8th Luo/Kenyan. Barack HUSSIN Obama is not an African name. He’s 50% WTT, 44% ARAB and 6% Black. Truth, the New Hate Crime according to Racist Demonrats….


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