A Strategy for the GOP

Republicans have abandoned conservative principles, choosing to be the anti-Obama Party and not the rock-ribbed, butt-kicking, Constitution-protecting force it professes to be and that the country so desperately needs.

The Republican National Committee has released a de facto autopsy of the 2012 general election debacle called “The Growth and Opportunity Project.” With demographic forensics to suggest how the party might recover, there is quite a bit of interesting data in the report, but there remain critical factors the GOP has not appreciated.

If he Republican Party is to grow, it must decide on an identity. Since the basics of what is left of a Republican platform are conservative – as are those of most Americans – it should be upon those principles that the Republican Party should stand.

What, then, should be the platform of the Republican Party? That’s the trick, isn’t it?

For the last four years, Republicans have focused far too much on President Obama the ideologue and not enough on the organization that enables the President’s socialist bent. The GOP needs to rethink the left-projected image of Barack Obama as an intellectual, philosophical and political mastermind. Even a rudimentary study of the Obama presidency – his style of governance (particularly his near-legendary vacations and golf outings), his teleprompter dependency, his “hands off” approach to important legislation and absentee foreign policy – reveals this man as nothing more than a suit – a figurehead propped up by the DNC as a facade to protect their agenda.

It was none other than Harry Reid who convinced rookie Senator Barack Obama to run for president. This when Hillary was the hands down favorite and certain shoo-in for the nomination. Why? Why would Reid do that? Why did so many Democrat super delegates trip to Obama, giving him the nomination over Clinton?

Knowing the country would be divided, and has been since the Gore-Bush contest, the DNC understood that consensus was going to be damned near impossible. Control of Congress was the key – a strategy they’ve practiced for generations – but they also knew they couldn’t count on getting or keeping it (see 1994). So, how can Democrats move their legislation in a divided Congress? Just having the White House wouldn’t work, not even if it were Hillary. No, they need a more powerful weapon … or, a more “untouchable” one. Enter Barack Obama.

A black president would be a particularly useful foil, especially if he were, in Joe Biden’s own words, “clean and articulate.” Add “cool” to that and you’ve got a strong shield to work behind. Young folks like him (proven by two elections), minorities like him (ditto) and women like him (ditto, ditto). If legislation he proposes is attacked, holler “RACIST!” or “war on women!” and the opposition will back off like Frankenstein’s monster to fire. Ditto, ditto, ditto.

The strategy worked. The leftist media followed the script flawlessly and Republicans folded like a cheap umbrella in a hurricane. In the meantime, the GOP is firing at the President’s bullet-proof persona.

Republicans! Do not attack the president, no matter the issue; attack “Democrats.” How about “DemocratCare?” It’s not the President’s failed foreign policies; it’s the Democrat’s failed foreign policies.

Sidestep the shield that Obama provides the DNC and, while you’re at it, remove the race card from the deck.

If someone runs for office as a Democrat, then they will be signing up for the entire Democrat agenda. No Democrat should be allowed to get away with calling himself a moderate, a “fiscally conservative Democrat” or any other hybrid label.

As for the press, its love affair with Barack Obama becomes much less a story line if he is no longer the star. As it is, Democrats are protected by Obama’s wingspan. Go after Obama on gun control, the Big Media goes after you. Go after the Democrat governor of New York on the same issue, it’s not a national story.

Even if some far left policy, executive action, appointment or pronouncement comes from the White House, downplay the President and hammer it as “Democrat” folly or “Democrat” myopia or “Democrat” intransigence. No matter where a liberal legislation is passed; gun control in Maryland, California cap and trade or tax hikes in Massachusetts, the Republican Party should attack these laws in every state as a nationwide Democrat agenda that’s coming to your town.

This is about far more than just de-emphasizing Barack Obama; it’s about exposing Democrats or, as necessary, creating an image of Democrats that contrasts with what Americans really want.


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