RNC Expands Party’s Faith Engagement

RNC Chairman Reince Priebus Expands The Party’s Faith Engagement With New Hire

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus has announced the party is continuing to move forward with their Growth and Opportunity project goals and has tapped former South Carolina Republican Party Chairman Chad Connelly to lead the party’s faith-based activism efforts as Director of Faith Engagement.

“I am excited to announce Chad Connelly will serve as RNC’s Director of Faith Engagement and lead the push to empower religious and activist groups in communities nationwide,” said RNC Chairman Reince Priebus. “Faith based groups are not only an important part of our party, they are an important part of society. It’s imperative that we listen to these groups’ voices and work together to strengthen our party’s core principles and conservative values.”

“Chad is not only a talented businessman and motivational speaker—he is a great leader, an honorable husband and father, and a devout Southern Baptist. His vast experience serving as South Carolina Republican Party Chairman and founder and president of the Foundation for American Restoration make him best suited to spread our message of growth and opportunity, in addition to inspiring Americans to get involved with these charitable organizations that make up a large part of our nation’s conservative base.”

Chad Connelly most recently served as Chairman of the South Carolina Republican Party. He is author of the book Freedom Tide, and founder and president of the political consulting organization the Foundation for American Restoration. Chad began his career serving as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army and served in the South Carolina Army National Guard for 8 years. He then worked for a national engineering firm and became the youngest Senior Division Manager for Professional Service Industries before starting his own business helping entrepreneurs begin and grow their own small businesses. He is active in SC Citizens for Life, Palmetto Family Council and is a deacon and Sunday school teacher at his family’s local church.


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