Mick, Mark, Mace and (Bad) Magic

Politics and magic have much in common.  There are illusions, fanciful repartee, misdirection and secrecy in both.  The primary difference is that with magic, we know we’re being fooled and don’t care.  With politics, most of us care and don’t like being fooled.  And then, there are the fools

A recent article has tried to make people believe that either Mick Mulvaney or Mark Sanford, both conservative Republican South Carolina congressmen, are being recruited to run against the Palmetto State’s senior senator, Lindsey Graham.

Claiming sources he likely doesn’t have, the blogger asserts that the Graham campaign “has been ‘temporarily incapacitated’ by the numbers that came back following Graham’s Obamacare votes.” 

The blogger also references an un-named “limited government group opposing Graham’s reelection” to further darken Graham’s campaign.

Lindsey Graham has not accurately represented his constituency in a number of very important senate votes.   But his voting record is far more questionable than are his chances of re-election.

Herein the misdirection.

The blogger, the Bad Magician, employs a subtle parlor trick to fool the audience.  He writes; “Of Graham’s declared opponents, (Nancy) Mace is the most electable.”  This is akin to saying, “of the three, Larry, Moe or Curley, Moe is the most like Albert Einstein.”

Nancy Mace is the self-confessed “other half of FITSNews,” the website posting the mystical concept of a troubled Graham campaign.  Although she has supposedly severed her ties with the website, FITSNews is her primary support vehicle.  Sort of like MSNBC and Barack Obama.

That’s fine.  It’s not as though FITSNews is related to integrity or honesty and they can post whatever they want.  It’s the silly attempt to promote Mace as a political kindred spirit to established, elected conservatives like Mick Mulvaney and Mark Sanford that’s such bad theater. 

By equating Mace – the “most electable” challenger – to credentialed congressmen is nonsense.  Mulvaney has won his two elections by 10 and 12 points and Sanford claimed his seat by 9 in a contentious special election with national attention.

As much as FITSNews wants readers to believe something unbelievable, it isn’t going to work.

We can see the strings.


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