I, Republican

For decades I avoided joining or being actively affiliated with any political party.  I wanted my independence and didn’t want to be saddled with policies or people with which/whom I disagreed.  Things have happened to change my mind and I’ve decided that purity of agreement is not as necessary as the defeat of a dangerous enemy.

Only twice have I voted for a presidential candidate that was not a Republican.  Both were protest votes and both were mistakes.  In each of those elections, the Democrat won and, although I don’t regret the logic of my decision at the moment, I do lament the outcome.

I am a conservative and being so automatically eliminates the Democrat Party from my allegiance.  Democrats have, for generations, renounced the principles of which our country was born and upon which it was built.  This has never been more apparent than during the last twenty years and accelerated in the Obama years.  But forget the individuals, the faces of the Party – Clinton(s), Obama, Reid, Pelosi, Kennedy, Rangel, Frank, Clyburn – look instead at what the Party has stood for and what it has done.

Even if you remove from discussion the moral issues of murdering babies (“choice” they call it) or gay marriage, Democrats have consistently and persistently championed causes and legislation that intentionally diminishes our country.

Immigration “reform” is no more than Democrats screwing the citizenry in order to pump in more people to the population that will be beholding to them.

Affirmative action is a modern day plantation system prostituted by their house servants (Sharpton, Jackson, Clyburn, the NAACP) also to create a Democrat Party/government dependent class.

Foreign policy is devised not to strengthen or even protect American interests, but to diminish them.  For our own leaders to promote policy that equalizes rather than emphasizes our status in the world is treason, yet that is the Democrat way.

Fiscal policy alone is reason enough for discarding the Democrat Party. Once again, by trying to create dependency on the government (themselves), Democrats have chosen to spend recklessly and without accountability or regard for the consequences. They don’t care.

That’s the real truth about Democrats, they just don’t care.

They don’t care about our military forces. If they did, they would be much more careful about the foreign and fiscal policies they champion.

They don’t care about our children. If they did, they wouldn’t be so cavalier with the national debt and their mad spending.

They don’t care about women – another of their dependent class. If they did, they would work to create an economy that promotes accomplishment and not entitlement.

And what of Republicans? The GOP has its own set of problems and flaws. The Tea Party movement has exposed many of the more egregious shortcomings of the Republican Party, but, in doing so, has become a liability itself.

The GOP wants to be right of center, after all, that’s where most of America is, but it can’t decide how far to the right to go. The Tea Party and Libertarians are trying to yank the Party completely off the table, leaving most of that table to Democrats.

Nonetheless, no matter where on the grid those Republicans are, the disagreement in the Republican party is not over values or belief, but in execution, technique. The dissent within the Party is not unlike that in religious entities. Disputes over translations of the Constitution (the Bible), adherence to policy (Commandments) and refusal to compromise (One Way), makes it difficult to reach the consensus that is necessary in politics. This fundamentalist “My Way or No Way” attitude by well-meaning but politically ignorant citizens is hindering the true battle; defeating Democrats.

That is the reason I’ve decided to become a Republican. I’m well aware of the discord within the Party, but the greater goal is to stop what I truly believe to be an American evil; the Democrat Party. In doing so, I believe the Republican Party should listen to the Tea Party and the Tea Party should learn political truths. Compromise, as distasteful as it may be, is a reality. The alternative is an internal fight that will only strengthen those who all Republicans can agree are the real danger to the United States.



4 thoughts on “I, Republican

  1. I read with interest about your decision to become a Republican. It sounds as though you will fit right in with the establishment. The Tea Party began as Americans from every walk of life joined together to stand against what we saw as government overreach of the most egregious kind. Our health and healthcare decisions. The tyranny of this administration has certainly proven that we were correct. If regular Americans are a liability to this Republican Party, then that in itself tells me a little something about this Republican Party. Contrary to what you may think, The Tea Party is not trying to yank anyone off of the table. We believe that it is time for the Republican Party to stand up for the conservative principles that made this country the greatest is the world. Stand up against Obamacare and amnesty just to name a couple. That is evidently too much to hope for judging by their recent actions. The face of this Republican Party is Lindsey Graham and John McCain. They are no better than Democrats. If the Tea Party has learned any political truths, as you say, it would be that entrenched politicians do not care about anything but their political future, not the future of their country. Am I advocating a third party? No. I merely want the Republican Party to mirror the conservative values that I still firmly believe that the majority of this country believe in. I agree that Democrats are evil and are destroying this great country right before our eyes. I also believe that the Republican Party of today will do the same.


    • You prove my point. You have this notion that whomever disagrees with Tea Party tactics is a traitor to conservative principles. Not so. You ignored my homage to the Tea Party because I did not say it was correct in every thing it says and does. Its that rigid fundamentalism that marginalizes the message.

      If you are NOT advocating a third party, then same on you. If you TRULY believe the Republican Party is, like the Democrats, “evil and destroying this great country right before our eyes,” then you MUST NOT support or affiliate with either. Otherwise, welcome to the establishment.


  2. I don’t know Kenneth Hair, but I agree with him entirely. He said exactly what I would be saying…if it wasn’t already said.


  3. I am more TeaParty than Republican these days. But I agree I will vote anything but democrat. It has become the Socialist Party if not outright Communist.


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