SC: Would Sheheen Have The Guts?

North Carolina Senator Kay Hagen (D) is up for re-election, yet she is choosing not to attend an event in her state by her party’s standard bearer, President Barack Obama. 

Senator Kay Hagan won’t be in attendance when President Obama visits Raleigh, N.C., on Wednesday, potentially signaling that the red-state Democrat is trying to distance herself from the president as she faces a tough reelection bid last this year. The most recent polls from December 2013 show Hagan in closes races with potential Republican challengers, even trailing some candidates.

So, the question is, would South Carolina State Senator Vincent Sheheen (D-Camden), who is running for governor, have the courage to do attend a President Obama event in the Palmetto state?

Senator Sheheen is a Democrat by choice.  His party and his President hold, promote and infringe policies with which South Carolinians not only disagree, but also loathe852-iOFVL.St.74

Abortion, immigration, Common Core, gun control, ObamaCare, higher taxes, income distribution and more are hallmarks of this president’s agenda.  Because he is a Democrat – by choice – and has remained so throughout the Obama administration, it is more than reasonable to believe that the senator agrees with and endorses those policies.

If he does not, he should become a Republican and challenge Governor Haley in the primary.

Otherwise, he doesn’t have much of a campaign platform.



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