Abortions Vs Guns: Which Is The Greater Threat?

Liberals.  Bless their hearts, they have such a hard time developing logical arguments.  Whether it’s bemoaning Global Warming in the midst of a record-breaking freeze or telling nuns they need birth control, they just can’t get their feces organized.  And then there is the Republican “War on Women,” so declared because the GOP doesn’t like the idea of savagely murdering the unborn (or, just born). 

Liberals are so compassionate, aren’t they?  After all, they invented the term “hate crime” and constantly harangue gun owners for promoting violence simply for exercising a constitutional right.  After all, guns are a danger to children.  But then, to listen to them, so is the Ten Commandments, the Pledge of Allegiance and the game of Tag.

In the 40 years since the Supreme Court’s Roe v. Wade decision, 55 million abortions have been committed.  Fifty-five million babies murdered, many as they were leaving the mother’s birth canal.  None of them were criminals, either suspected or convicted.  Most were no threat to the mother or anyone else.  Yet, to liberals, the Great American Danger is the gun.

There can be no reasonable defense of wrongful death by any means whether by gun or any other medium.  And even the anti-gun proponents must concede that some deaths by firearm were justifiable as in self defense.  Conversely, pro-life folks must recognize that there are legitimate medical reasons to perform an abortion.

Still, the venom from the left against pro-life and pro-gun advocates is not just ugly, it’s … well, it’s stupid.

As posted on the liberal website, Inquistr:

...on the December 21, 2012 edition of PBS NewsHour, (PBS commentator Mark) Shields (who is a liberal and a gun control advocate) told host Judy Woodruff:

You know, Judy, the reality is — and it’s a terrible reality — since Robert Kennedy died in the Ambassador Hotel on June 4, 1968, more Americans have died from gunfire than died in … all the wars of this country’s history, from the Revolutionary through the Civil War, World War I, World War II, in those 43 years. … I mean, guns are a problem. And I think they still have to be confronted.

A left wing blog, PoliticalGates even made a chartBless their hearts, they neglected to make the chart large enough to accommodate the 55,000,000 babies murdered since 1973.  That’s 1973, 13 years AFTER the start of the gun death statistic.  Here’s the significance; IN THE 40 YEARS SINCE ROE V. WADE, AS MANY BABIES HAVE BEEN ABORTED PER YEAR AS PEOPLE WHO HAVE DIED BY DOMESTIC GUN VIOLENCE IN 53 YEARS.

Columbine, Newtown, Virginia Tech and all of the other mass shootings are heartbreaking and a stain on our country’s soul.  Every individual gun death – yes, even those in self-defense – are beyond sad and tragic.

But far more sad, tragic and heartbreaking is the unwarranted and savage slaughter of the unborn.  Children, real children who never had a chance to breathe, to see light, to think.  To liberals, they have but one right.  The right to die.

Bless their hearts.



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