Vanishing Vince Sheheen – A Disturbing Pattern

The following is reprinted (with permission) from the South Carolina Republican Party sponsored website I’m posting it here because (1) the message is an important one for Palmetto State voters and (2) I agree with the points made.

Emphasis is as originally published.

Sheheen misses second consecutive Senate Judiciary Committee meeting on Tuesday afternoon, February 18.  Committee was considering new gun legislation

Obviously liberal career politician Vince Sheheen wants to return to the days when 99% of the votes in the State Senate weren’t recorded. He wants to hide his liberal record on taxes, spending, health care, and gun rights from South Carolina voters. While Senator Sheheen doesn’t miss a chance to appear in court in front of the same judges he appoints, he has missed almost 25% of the work that taxpayers pay him for. The last thing South Carolina needs is a liberal governor who doesn’t even show up for work,” said S.C. GOP Chairman Matt Moore.

Yesterday’s absence is part of disturbing pattern of skipping politically sensitive meetings and votes:

Attempts to reach Democratic state Sen. Vincent Sheheen of Camden…a Judiciary Committee member, were unsuccessful last week and Monday. Sheheen did not attend the Judiciary Committee meeting…previously…” – The State, morning of February 18, 2014

Vince Sheheen’s Legislative Attendance By the Numbers

– In the 2011-12 Session, Sheheen missed 333 votes – nearly 25% of the Senate’s votes during that Session. (South Carolina Senate Website, accessed 2/18/14)

– Through February 18, 2014, Sheheen had already missed 91 votes (more than 13%) in the current session. (South Carolina Senate Website, accessed 2/18/14)

– Combined, Sheheen has missed well over 400 votes and counting since January 2011, representing roughly 21% of the votes that were held. (South Carolina Senate Website, accessed 2/18/14)

Including his “Abstain” and “Present” votes and his excused absences, Sheheen has failed to cast an up-or-down vote nearly 23% of the time. In addition to missing 424 votes from 2011 onward, Sheheen abstained in 29 votes, voted “present” 4 times, and was excused from 2 votes – for a total of 459 votes (22.4%) that he either missed or failed to cast an up-or-down vote. (South Carolina Senate Website, accessed 2/18/14)

Vince Sheheen’s Poor Legislative Attendance



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