English Madness and America


I’ve long admired Winston Churchill and revere him as freedom’s greatest champion.

An intellectual master and political giant, Winston Churchill saved Great Britain from the Nazi juggernaut with superior oratory, pure leadership, undaunted patriotism and a granite-firm strength of the principles of liberty.

In 2002, in a BBC poll, “Winnie” was voted the all time greatest Briton.

Five years later, secondary schools in England dropped Sir Winston Churchill from it’s history books.

In addition to Churchill, Martin Luther King, Mahatma Gandhi, Adolf Hitler, and Joseph Stalin have also been excluded. So – lessons of good AND evil are being marginalized for the sake of political correctness.Churchill

In the United States, we’ve seen a sad, nay, criminal decline in education, much also due to the spineless whims of the politically correct. As in Great Britain, history has been re-written by revisionists. Political “leaders” sculpt agendas with odd recollections and outright lies. The press, society’s supposed conscience, has prostituted itself and enables rather than checks these cultural bastardizations.

Abandoned by school boards, government and the media, how long will it be before September 11 will be taken out of text books and wiped our national memory at the behest of these same forces?

Fantasy?  Hardly, given the revelations about the Common Core curricula.

“Politically correct” has no place in schools. Education should not be determined by politics and the only “correctness” that should be practiced is intellectual and historical truth.

Math, literature, grammar, the sciences, art and history are the necessary elements of education. But there are too many in positions of authority that are working to turn schools into concentration camps and institutions of cultural indoctrination.

As long as what goes into the classroom is determined by bureaucrats, theoreticians, conceptualists and “progressives,” what will emerge from those classrooms will be politicized zombies unfit to survive in the wild.

If England can delete Winston Churchill, how can there be hope for America?



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