In SC, RINO Is Good

RINO. Republican In Name Only. It’s supposed to be a cuss word or warning announcing “this person isn’t REALLY a Republican! (S)he is registered as a Republican, but (s)he acts like a Democrat (or some other unsavory character).

Is anyone ever charged as a DINO (Democrat In Name Only), or MINO (Moderate In Name Only)? Ever hear of a LINO (Liberal In Name Only), a SINO (Socialist In Name Only) or a FLRINO (Far Left Radical In Name Only)?

Has anyone ever been accused of being CHINO (Chinese In Name Only)?

Chris Matthews is an JINO (Journalist In Name Only).

I’m a GINO (Golfer In Name Only).

South Carolina is a VERY Republican state. So when someone is accused of being a RINO, it’s a slander akin to being called a Yankee. But it shouldn’t be.

In South Carolina, a RINO is actually good.

Palmetto State politicians aren’t dumb (go ahead… laugh. I’ll wait). If they want to be elected, most of them come from districts that won’t pick a Democrat. So, no matter what their political philosophies, they do the expedient thing and register as Republicans.

The result is – well – South Carolina politics. Look at the General Assembly and most of the current crop of candidates for this year’s elections. How many of them are truly what you EXPECT of a RepuRINO123blican? Wait, now… not what you expect of a SOUTH CAROLINA Republican, but what a Republican is SUPPOSED to represent.

Now, this doesn’t mean that the national Republican apparatus is anything to  emulate. There needs to be a wholesale party colonoscopy in the GOP to flush out the political effluent of party hacks and opportunists has made Republicans so ineffective over the last couple of decades.

The classic South Carolina Republican would be a Democrat in many other states. The attitude towards taxes, the size of government, government spending, antipathy to small business, etc. is not the free market, personal liberty platform traditionally (or by conventional wisdom) associated with the GOP. And it’s not limited to the state legislature (see Lindsey Graham).

Oh, there are REAL Republicans in South Carolina politics, but they are far too few. So, a South Carolina Republican in Name Only (SCRINO?) would be what we believe a true Republican would be. 

And I’m not cussin’ them when I say that.

~ CS



  1. As usual Charlie – you are right on….The only way they can get re-elected is to promise to act like a Democrat and bring the pork back home. No matter what it costs the taxpayer….


    • Repubs are finding adversaries within the party and that’s suicide.  The Libertarians and Tea Party folks hate all but themselves.  The more the ones more to the left (which isn’t THE left, but are, relatively so) demonize the far right because those folks shine too bright a light on their political sins.  

      The enemy are the Democrats.  If the GOP can shut down/out/up the extremes on either end and get down to the business of winning elections, then it can advance its platform


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