Tom Ervin’s Name Game

Ervin HelloThomas J. Ervin wants to be governor of South Carolina.  I think.  His ads say he does.  He says so in speeches and campaign appearances.  But I don’t know that we can be sure.  Maybe he’s running for Lieutenant Governor.  Or … Independent Governor.

Judge Ervin initially declared himself a candidate for the Republican nomination, but less than two weeks later, T.J. decided he didn’t want to be a Republican, much, I suppose, like he decided not to be a Democrat a few years ago.  No, Tom is running as an “Independent Republican.”  

“Independent Republican” is a curious affiliation one might expect of Tea Party folk.  But that is what Thomas Ervin, Esq. has chosen as his political association.  The problem with this is that he is adding unnecessary confusion to the political landscape.

What is an “Independent Republican?”  Does this mean Tom Tom is a Fauxpublican?  A real, no-kidding RINO?  Given his long past as a Democrat, why not adopt the name of the Thomas Jefferson/James Madison “Democratic-Republican” party?

What His Honor chooses to call himself is not so important as why he is not including himself on the Republican primary ballot.  It seems he just doesn’t want to get his head handed to him by Gov. Nikki Haley in the primary.  He claims he needs more time to get his message across, but, folks, this is South Carolina politics,  Things are neither so noble nor simple.

T Diddy is running as a third “party” candidate as a Democrat strategy to conduct a two front campaign against Haley.  When no opposition filed to challenge Haley in the primary, TJE is brought into the fray so he and the designated Democrat candidate, Sen. Vincent Sheheen, could team up on the governor in ads, on the stump and in debates.  Then, as election day nears, in order to avoid splitting the vote, Mr. Ervin will drop out and throw his support to Sheheen.  

Tommy-Tommy-bo-Bommy-Bonana-fanna-fo Fommy-Fee-fy-mo-Mommy–Tommy wants us to believe he’s just a conscientious conservative with the voters well-being at heart.   He’s not the first to adopt that persona and, as long as it’s popular in South Carolina, it will continue to be adopted.

But, please, T-Erv, we know better.  Most voters will see through the mask and make their own call.  After all, there’s a name for what your’re trying to do.




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  2. We don.t need anymore lawyers elected and Sheheen is a liar. I’ve had previous experience with him at the statehouse.


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