SC Lt. Gov: What McKinney Didn’t Know

LG websiteWhen I first saw Pat McKinney, I was very impressed.  A successful businessman, personable and with a confident demeanor, he seemed to be a viable candidate for Lt. Governor.  Not any more.

This may strike some as shallow, but one of the reasons I no longer consider Mr. McKinney as a legitimate contender for the office is his TV ad.  There are two points in it that grate me severely.

First, his “committed Christian” pronouncement.  Now, I have NO problem or McKinney CCill will about someone being proud and forthright about his/her faith, but it’s pandering.  South Carolina is a famously faith-oriented electorate, so making one’s religion a point of their political campaign is not just unnecessary, but, I believe, offensive.  I don’t care if an office holder is attached to any faith or denomination as long as they are honest and hard-working.

McKinney then goes on to tell us the things he will do as Lt. Gov.  HE’S going to “Bring jobs to our state?”  How?  What platform does the Lt. Governor of South Carolina have by which he can be a jobs producer?

My favorite is “When the career politicians try to grow government, I’ll say ‘No’.”  The reality is that NO ONE WILL ASK THE LIEUTENANT McKinney NoGOVERNOR!  More pandering.

OK, so politicians (or non-politicians) get a little … ummm … carried away.  So be it.  But I’m not gonna judge a candidate on a TV ad.  So, there’s this.

On his campaign website, McKinney is described as “a small business entrepreneur.”  Small?  McKinney is one of the founders of Kiawah Resort Associates in 1988, then it became Kiawah Development Partners before shortening the name to Kiawah Partners  Last year, KP was sold for between $300 and $400 MILLION.  Included in the sale were “residential inventory on South Carolina’s Kiawah Island, aDoonbeg premier master-planned luxury resort residential development, as well as the Kiawah Island Club, an exclusive private membership club, Kiawah Island Real Estate and other related assets including Kiawah Island Utility and Freshfields Village.  The portfolio also includes the Lodge at Doonbeg, County Clare, Ireland (“Doonbeg”) and Christophe Harbour located in St. Kitts.”

Wherein the “small business” part?  “Committed Christians” should not be so deceptive.  But even this was not the pinhole in the condom.

I have written that McKinney’s run for Lt. Governor smelled like a strategy to put more campaign resources towards Gov. Nikki Haley’s re-election.   I’m more convinced of that now than ever.

According to a knowledgeable source, when Pat McKinney was considering getting into the race, he spoke with the soon-to-be-erstwhile Lt. Governor Glenn McConnell.  As McKinney spoke about his ambitions for the office, McConnell asked when he would have the time, pointing out that the Office on Aging would be pretty demanding.

It wasn’t until
that moment that Pat McKinney knew that the South Carolina Office on Aging was run by the Lt. Governor!

How is it that anyone of prominence in this state, especially when contemplating running for an office, did not know this?  Just look at the Lt. Gov website

This is disrespectful to the office and the citizens of South Carolina.

I don’t criticize one’s faith, begrudge business success or expect politicians to be accomplished TV personalities, but I don’t accept deception and ignorance.

Sorry, Pat, but I say no.




  1. I said the same thing the first time I saw the ad. He doesn’t know what the job entails. He should have done a little research but a majority of the voters won’t know either which is sad.


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