A Few Too Many

Head in HandsGood Grief!  As if South Carolina politics didn’t have enough … ummm … character.  As if South Carolina’s educational environment wasn’t embarrassing enough.  As if the Tea Party didn’t already ooze buffoonery, along comes Sheri Few turning it up to 11.

Few was one of eight Republicans running for the nomination for Superintendent of Education.  In the June 10 primary, Few came in third with 19% of the vote behind Molly Spearman and Sally Atwater who collected 23% and 22% respectively.  As a result, Spearman and Atwater will face a runoff on June 24.

Few’s campaign focused on two things; defeat Common Core and slamming opponent Meka Childs.  Few’s passion is admirable, but her approach was mind numbing.

Few was the only candidate to refer to Childs – consistently – by her full name – Charmeka – and not the nickname by which she commonly goes – Meka.  Picky?  Odd, and, I think, a conscious effort to emphasize that Ms. Childs is African-American.

The Common Core focus is an important one, but Ms. Few made it an obsession that relegated the many other problems of South Carolina’s substandard education system to afterthoughts.

sour grapesBut Ms. Few didn’t let her loss in the primary end her Campaign From The Edge.  Noooooo.  After Ms. Atwater gave an very disoriented interview on WORD radio, Few issued a press release in which she said Atwater was “woefully unprepared for the job. If Sally Atwater is not going to run a credible campaign against Molly Spearman, then she needs to step aside and let me give Republicans a clear choice on June 24th.

Ms. Atwater’s interview was an unquestioned disaster.  It cannot be defended as anything else.   Does it reveal her to be “woefully unprepared for the job,” or, as the interviewer characterized her as “clueless?”  It’s hard to say “No.”  But now, it’s uo the voters to determine that and Sheri Few has options to attempt to influence that vote.

A state GOP operative told me

“It’s not Sheri Few’s job to light herself on fire and say she’s better when the voters have rejected her like four times now.

“She has selfishly and severely damaged the chances of a conservative holding that seat next year.  The media waits for Republicans to do stupid things like this.”

Ms. Few can endorse Molly Spearman, she can campaign against Sallie Atwater, she can write op-eds and she can produce ads.  But to complain and propose that Ms. Atwater drop out and let herself meet Spearman in the runoff is insulting.  Wouldn’t this be a superb example for our school children to follow?  Or our teachers?  Or anyone?

A Tea Party favorite, Ms. Few’s “my way or you suck” attitude is standard.  This is why giving Tea Party dogmatists the reigns of government is a bad, bad idea.

With Sheri Few’s defeat, South Carolina may have dodged a bullet, but we sure heard it whine as it passed by.



One comment

  1. Few was endorsed by a ‘few’ Tea Party groups, but the majority of them didn’t or don’t endorse anyone. Broad-brush painting of all Tea Party is just as lame as the lame stream media paints conservatives.


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