Molly the Obama Dolly

ObamaSpearmanAs South Carolina heads to runoff elections, the most visceral contest is the one for state Superintendent of Education.  If you thought Sheri Few was an embarrassment, take a close look at Molly Spearman.

Voters are learning quite a bit about “convenience politics” as embodied in Ms. Spearman.  If her “change” from Democrat to Republican wasn’t so coincidental as to give voters serious pause, her record as a lobbyist against most of the things South Carolina parents hold dear certainly should.

Will Folks of the infamous website FITNews and I seldom agree.  His constant screeds against Gov. Nikki Haley are as tiresome as they are inaccurate.  But on the topic of Molly Spearman, he has published a well-researched and dead-on assessment of those characteristics that disqualifies “Just Call Me Molly” from pretty much any elected position in the Palmetto State.  I intended to provide some excerpts from Folks’ piece, but there are far too many good ones from which to choose, so I’ll just direct readers to the article here.

Will points out that it was Molly Spearman and her School Administrator Association that sued then Governor Mark Sanford to force the state to take President Obama’s stimulus money in 2009.  Sanford, a notorious fiscal conservative, didn’t want the money because he believed it to be wasteful and he didn’t want South Carolina to be any more beholding to the federal government.

Spearman, however, being the profound liberal that she truly was and is, voiced the usual canard about the need for more money for the students.  Spearman won and the seemingly never-ending cycle of throwing money at a problem continued.  How much of that money actually made it to the classroom is unknown, but school administrator salaries in South Carolina generally exceed $500 millionhalf a billion dollars.  That’s JUST administrators.  Not teachers, custodians, bus drivers, maintenance personnel, coaches, medical staffs, etc.  A half a billion dollars for assistant principals and up.  How … stimulating … for our children.

This is the sort of spending and disregard for the voting public that has been so profound in the Obama Administration.

I’ll offer another website calledHow Molly Roll$.”  This site uses video to address some of the more disturbing aspects of Ms. Spearman’s experiences, politics and ideas, such as:

Who are Molly’s friends?

Who benefits from her taxpayer funded salary?

Who’ve been the lucky recipients of her political contributions?

How Molly Bankrolls: Spearman’s political contributions are very telling. What’s even more telling is the timing and order of the donations.

Molly vs Homeschoolers:  Molly has said repeatedly that she’s not a fan of home school autonomy. This video is proof. As she states, “Whenever we try to have a little oversight and a little regulation, the home school community REALLY goes against this.”

Molly Spearman “Benefits” from being Anti-Transparent: Molly Spearman works as a lobbyist for the publicly-funded S.C. Association of School Administrators, and for some reason this entitles her to state employee benefits, specifically those of the State Retirement System and the State Heath Insurance Program. The association says it’s a private entity and thus is not covered by the Freedom of Information Act. Or any other laws that apply to government.

Molly Spearman’s Battle Against School Choice: Molly was anti-school choice when she was Inez Tenenbaum’s deputy superintendent. Molly Spearman’s personal battle against school choice legislation is well-documented.

Molly/SCASA vs. Homeschoolers on Extracurricular Activities: As Executive Director of the S.C. School Administrators Association, Molly Spearman included this (out of all things) on their 2011 Legislative Platform: “SCASA opposes home-schooled students participating in public school interscholastic activities…Schools are not able to verify that students schooled at home meet the same standards for participation as do public school students. Public schools are concerned primarily with the academic achievement of students.”

With pages taken right from the far Left playbook, Molly Spearman is the type of person that will bring the policies and philosophies of the politician most reviled in South Carolina – Barack Obama.   For her to run as a Republican is insult enough, but for the voters to actually elect her is to sacrifice their children’s education and future on the altar of stupid decisions.




  1. I won’t vote for her. I heard an interview with her on a radio show and she sidestepped questions, stuttered, stammered and sounded like an idiot just like Obama.


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