Kyle Carpenter and Sheri Few: Class and No Class

Sheri Few, one of several defeated candidates in last month’s Republican primary for State Superintendent of Education continues her sad, sad whine.  In classic Tea Party style (“You’re stupid if you don’t give me what I want!”), she has sent an email to supporters asking for support to continue her cause.  That would be OK, especially since the only theme of her campaign was “Stop Common Core,” but she just can’t control her grapes from souring.

Ms. Few’s email begins:

“Today marks one month since the Primary for Superintendent of Education and the past month has been extremely frustrating.  Missing the runoff by just a handful of votes was one disappointment.  Sally Atwater’s inability to run a viable campaign against Molly Spearman was another.”

She then goes on to rail against the Republican Party and blah, blah, blah…

So, why does the headline of this post include the name of Congressional Medal of Honor winner and son of Gilbert, SC?

This is why.

Left: Corp. Kyle Carpenter, USMC (Ret) Right: Sheri Few, defeated candidate for Supt. of Education
Left: Corp. Kyle Carpenter, USMC (Ret)
Right: Sheri Few, defeated candidate for Supt. of Education

Ms. Few, Kyle Carpenter lost more than an election and he did so protecting our way of life. The man threw himself on a grenade because he knew that the cause is bigger than himself.  Continue your efforts against Common Core, but, please, in doing so, remember that you are not greater than the democratic process for which Corp. Carpenter made his sacrifice.




  1. Sheri Few professes to being a professional and a person for the people. As such, a little professionalism should be exercised. Hopefully this will be a lesson for all candidates and blow away quickly.


  2. Comparing Corp. Kyle Carpenter, USMC (Ret) to Sheri Few, a former candidate for Supt. of Education it just dumb on its face. Never-mind that, but typical of a Neo-Con Establishment Progressive Republican to tear down somebody who actually wants to buck the system and refuses to stand down. Neo-Con Republicans like this writer, don’t really want smaller government they just think THEY can run the Big Government Machine better then a Democrat.

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