The Man Who Is Not President

Much has been made about the perception that President Obama is disengaged from the matters of state.  Whenever there is a major event, a crisis, or a  dangerous situation, detractors claim that he is either uncaring or aloof.   After nearly six years of the Obama Administration, it seems the truth is even more disturbing.

Elected to the United States Senate in 2004 after eight years in the Illinois state senate, Barack Obama had just finished his first year in the nation’s upper chamber when he appeared on Meet the Press in January, 2006.  Moderator Tim Russert asked Obama if he was going to run for President in 2008.  Obama gave the usual boilerplate response saying he was not and wouldn’t change his mind.  Standard fare over two years before an election.  The curious thing, however, is why would Russert ask a freshman senator with zero national identity if he would run for President when the Democrat Party rock star – Hillary Clinton – was waiting for her coronation?

In July, 2006 Obama was called to the office of the Senate Majority Leader, Sen. Harry Reid.  That meeting is noted in the John Heilemann/Mark Halperin book Game Change:

reid-obama11Obama may have been a buckraking messiah, but he was all too aware that he was still just a freshman and therefore at the beck and call of his party’s leadership.  So when he was summoned one day in July to Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid’s office without the slightest explanation why, he promptly hoofed it over there, remarking to (Jay) Gibbs on his way out of the door, “I wonder what we screwed up.”

Obama’s relationship with the leader was cordial enough, but it was hardly warm or close… Reid didn’t like wasting words or time.  On his mind today was Obama’s future in the Senate – and he got right to the point.

‘You’re not going to go anyplace here,’ Reid declared soon after Obama took his seat. ‘I know that you don’t like it, doing what you’re doing.’

In observing Obama for the past year and a half, Reid had sensed his frustration an impatience, had heard rumblings that Obama was already angling to head back home and take a shot at the Illinois governorship.  Reid had no idea if it was true, but he knew this much; Obama simply wasn’t cut out to be a Senate lifer.

As Obama listened to the senior senator from Nevada, he wasn’t sure where the old man was going.  But then Reid’s disquisition took an unexpected turn, surprising Obama in both its bluntness and adamancy.

Twenty minutes later, the meeting was over, and Obama headed back to his warren in the Hart building.  He breezed through the lobby, down the hall, and into Gibb;s office, closing the door behind him.

‘So,’ asked Gibbs from behind his desk, ‘what did we f*** up?’

‘Nothing,’ Obama replied. ‘Harry wants me to run for president.’

That passage is a prelude to the mindset of the Democrat leadership going into the 2008 election cycle.  So visceral was the party’s hatred for George W. Bush, the leadership was hell bent to swing the national political pendulum as far from him as possible.  Hillary Clinton, for several reasons, was not the person to do that.  She was viewed, like her husband, as being too willing to cooperate with Republicans almost to the point of being bipartisan.  That was wholly unsavory to the party elite.

The problem with Hillary is that, like her husband, the party could not control her.  Oh, she would promote the core liberal agenda; abortion, minimum wage, entitlements, etc., but Democrats wanted those policies and more as undiluted as possible.  Hillary, they fear, would be too willing to talk to Republicans and, GASP!, compromise.

Democrat leaders also worried that Bill would have the ultimate influence over his wife and not themselves.  They want a Liberal Democrat Party White House, not a Clinton one.  The fact that the GOP gained control over both houses of Congress during Bill’s tenure is not lost on the party and that is something they not only want to avoid, but desperately must keep from happening.

From Game Change:

Years later, Reid would claim he was steadfastly neutral in the 2008 race; that he never chose sides between Barack and Hillary; that all he did was tell Obama that ‘he could be president,’ that ‘the stars could align for him.’  But at the time, in truth, his encouragement of Obama was unequivocal.  He was wowed by Obama’s oratorical gifts and believed that the county was ready to embrace a black presidential candidate, especially one such as Obama – a ‘light-skinned’ African American ‘with no Negro dialect, unless he wanted to have one.’ as he later put it privately. [pg. 36]

Thus, a complete unknown outside of Illinois; a community organizer and part-time college professor becomes, in less than two years, the one person in the entire country who could defeat the Clinton machine.  And with the electorally weak John McCain as the presumptive Republican candidate, whomever the Democrats chose would be a shoo-in to the White House.

At the party’s behest, the black “leadership” abandoned the Clintons in a massive, racially-motivated prostitutional push to promote the black man over the woman.  The arm twisting and likely polls_superdelegate_5748_415361_poll_xlargepolitical extortion the Party put on the convention super delegates in 2008 ensured that their chosen puppet would prevail and win the nomination.  Hillary Clinton was cast aside to enable a calculated power grab.  And, once again, Democrats used the black population to get what it wanted, while giving nothing in return.

Barack Obama is no more than a cardboard cutout; a facade to give a shield to the true power in the executive branch.  As his mentor – his sensei – Harry Reid and the far left apparatchiks in the White House are controlling the strings of government.  The evidence is as abundant as it is obvious.  Simply put, Reid preferred style over substance.  And therein the truth about the Obama Administration

The President’s “disengagement” is actually an intentional separation from power.  His job is to be black(ish) and eloquent.  Period.


  • His teleprompter addiction (notice how he stammers and talks in cliches or non-specifically when speaking extemporaneously?)
  • Numerous vacations
  • Even more numerous games of golf
  • Persistent fundraisers, even during crises and major events of national and international import.  This is also a function of his “buckraking” capabilities as referenced in Game Change.
  • He learns of scandals and other serious matters through the press – by his own admission
  • Awkwardness during visits with foreign heads of state
  • A “foreign policy” that is, at best, amateurish if not clueless

During the Osama bin Laden raid, according to Presidential First Bud, barack-obama-golfing5Reggie Love, the President played cards rather than manning his position as Commander in Chief. “[President Obama] was like, ‘I’m not, I’m not going to be down there, I can’t watch this entire thing’,Love said. “We must have played 15 hands-15 games of Spades.

As we all know only too well, the added value in having a “light-skinned African American with no Negro dialect” as President is the bigotry weapon.  If anyone dares to disagree with the President or criticize his policies and/or actions, just wail “racial animus!

Economy in the tank?  Blame Bush.  Obamacare a disaster?  Blame Republicans.  Benghazi?  “Duuhhhhh.  I dunno.”

The radical leftists in the White House and the Democrat part of Congress don’t really care about foreign policy.  I’m not altogether sure they understand or are even smart enough to grasp international geopolitics, but it’s clear their focus and comfort zone is domestic policy.  Remember “We’re going to fundamentally change America“?

Barack Obama is the ultimate political token.  In exchange for being President, the Democrat Party uses him to deflect criticism and attention from their nation building emptysuitliberal agenda.  There is so little substance to his personal style he makes Sarah Palin look like a Mensa Master.

The people fell for the Democrat Party’s subterfuge and will be paying for that mistake for years.

The suit may look good, but it has no value if it’s empty.



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