Christians, Marriage and the Constitution

There seems to be an assumption that Christians and the Constitution are symbiotic.  Pundits on the right and the left equate the two with either pride or derision, depending on the argument of the day.  The problem, though, is that Christianity is religion and the Constitution is the law.  Folks are going to have to understand they can’t always have both.

It cannot be denied that the Founding Fathers developed the concept of our nation through their Christian viewpoint.  They wrote of faith and of reverence for and loyalty to the Almighty.  But they put into our foundation documents wording of inclusion and incorporation.  Although there may not have been conflict between those ideals in the 1700s, there certainly is now.  And seeing as those great visionaries weren’t writing theology but law, it is the law that must be observed today.

Christians are not happy with the increasing number of states that are allowing same sex marriage.  Seeing homosexuality as an affront to their religious teachings, they cannot condone that which they believe God does not approve.  This isn’t bigotry as the left and their atheist friends contend, but rather an honest, heartfelt, spiritual belief.

Nonetheless, there is no wording or even intent to be found in the Constitution that can be used to legally deny same sex marriage. It doesn’t take academic scrutiny or historical forensics to discover that there is nothing in the Constitution that can be used to deny same sex marriage.  Is it wrong?  Does same sex marriage disrespect God?  Those really aren’t legal arguments, are they? 

Am I advocating for same sex marriage?  It doesn’t matter.  It doesn’t matter what I think and it doesn’t matter what you think.  If we claim to embrace equality, our laws must be universal.

If Christians think this and other religiously-tinged legal issues carefully, they should realize that this is a good thing.  The influence of Sharia law, for instance, is counter not only to Christian principles, but to America’s spiritual underpinnings.  Do Christians or Jews or Buddhists want Sharia law fundamentals to be infused into our legal system? What can be seen as anti-Christian Constitutional interpretation is also protection against the infusion of other religions from imposing their theologies.  It’s the same point made about prayer in school.  If saying prayer is made mandatory, which religion’s prayer is to be used?  Do Christians want their children to begin the school day on prayer mats facing Mecca?  

And while it is true that many aspects of today’s society could not have been predicted by the Founders, it then becomes all the more important to let the document breathe and not suffocate it under religious dogma.  Even the Constitution has been usurped by the Constitution.  Slavery was initially acceptable, but ultimately, the spirit of the document defeated societal practice.

Same sex marriage is going to be legal in the United States.  It may not be kosher to some, but such is the way of law.



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