Obama’s Golf Game By The Numbers

obama_golfAt this writing, since taking office on 20 January, 2009 (a date which will live in infamy), the President of the United States has played 192 rounds of golf.  Measuring each round as an average of four and a half hours, he has spent 864 hours playing golf.  That doesn’t include prep time before and down time after (19th hole). That’s a lot of time spent putting something other than the country in the hole. So, how does that 864 hours break down?

• 36 24-hour days (over a month)

• 108 8-hour workdays

• Almost 21 40-hour work weeks

• 279 NFL games

• Build 2.6 Boeing 777scross country

• 8.64 non-stop round-trip drives across the United States

• You can watch the Lord of the Rings trilogy 76 times

• The time it takes to grow the national debt by $98,251,315,200

• Heb burned 159,000 calories (if he used a cart for each round)

  • That’s equal to 45 pounds of weight

• 1,364 Obama convention speeches

• 10,033 statements on the murder of James Foley

• 29,623 Magic Teacup rides at Disney Worldlunar-golf

• Maintaining a top speed of 23 mph, Usain Bolt would run 19,872 miles

• Fly to the moon and back 5 times and back again to the moon

• 132 marathons run (average time)

• Can save 15% with GEICO 12,960 times

• 1,296 episodes of ”Keeping Up With The Kardasians”(commercial free)

• You could take the SAT 230 times

• Cook 173 20-lb Thanksgiving turkeys

• 5,184 Muslim prayers

• Play The Minute Waltz 34,560 times (1 minute, 50 seconds)

• Write the Declaration of Independence almost 6 times

Well, I suppose if I were as lousy at my job as he is at his, I’d wanna get out of the office as much as possible, too.  And he doesn’t even get docked for time off!



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