Oh, Bakari!

Bakari Sellers
Bakari Sellers

I thought the biggest laughs this election season were going to come from Thomas Ravenel.  The petition candidate for U.S. Senate, reality show player, polo enthusiast, disgraced politician, convicted felon, cocaine aficionado and Will Folks’ party planner is tailor-made for stupid campaign stunts.  But, alas, T-Rav has been bested by state representative Bakari Sellers, Democrat candidate for Lt. Governor.

Sellers has called for his Republican opponent, former South Carolina Attorney General Henry McMaster, to resign from the private Forest Lakes Country Club because he, Sellers, says it is exclusively all white.

Henry McMaster isn’t the only prominent South Carolinian who is a member of Forest Lakes. State Senator John Courson is known to be a member as is State Representative Kirkman Finlay.  Finlay is the doyen of the Finlay Scholars, a non-profit foundation to assist needy students.  Of the five Finlay Scholars in 2013, four were African-American.

Oh, and there’s also Sellers’ boss, Pete Strom.  Strom was appointed United States Attorney for the District of South Carolina by Attorney General Janet Reno, hardly a paragon of good ‘ol boy exclusion.

So why is Henry McMaster the ONLY person Sellers says should resign?

Sellers said he did not know Strom was a club member until Thursday, when reporters told him. Sellers said he had no plans to ask his boss to quit Forest Lake.

“He’s not running for lieutenant governor,” Sellers said. “Henry McMaster is.”

So, it’s only those whom Sellers is trying to beat in an election that should resign?  What’s the point here?  Desperation?  Awareness?  Racism?  Sellers is clearly trying to convince voters that Henry McMaster is a racist.  In this single event, Rep. Sellers has eliminated himself as a viable public servant.  Making this unveiled accusation about McMaster would be no less the equal to calling Sellers a drunk and a danger to the public. In fact, the latter is at least documented.

Sellers is resorting to the type of tactic that has been used for generations; confuse the voter.  I recall the old story about a candidate who was “shocked, SHOCKED, I say!” to learn that his opponents wife was – GASP! – a THESPIAN!

But Sellers himself said he wasn’t calling McMaster a racist, but rather thinks the state should “move forward.”

Hmmm.  Forward.  Forward?

Bakari Sellers graduated from the very good Morehouse College.  Morehouse has superb academic credentials and it boasts outstanding alumni.  Morehouse College, like Forest Lakes Country Club, is a private institution.  It can accept into its halls whomever it wants.  Morehouse is also exclusively male.  That’s right, the Atlanta school it an all-male institution.

In the 21st Century, how “forward” is this?

We all want South Carolina to move forward, but the way we get there is not to revert to unfounded, old school charges and obfuscation.

As we move forward, we can’t have folks like Bakari Sellers driving.




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  1. Are you sure we want the driving analogy? The Dems have a “D” and Republicans have an “R”. I beleive that Morehouse College also exercises racist policies in their admissions policies. Even though other than African Americans are admitted, the student bodies make up is nowhere close to the make up of the general population. For a discrepancy this huge to exist, there must be some discriminatory practices.


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