Vincent Sheheen: Gutless Prostitute

Sheheen2In January, I posed a question about South Carolina State Senator and gubernatorial candidate Vincent Sheheen (D-Kershaw).  The question was generated by North Carolina Senator Kay Hagen distancing herself from an increasingly unpopular President Barack Obama.  The President was coming to Raleigh, but Sen. Hagen was unavailable to join him.  She did manage to join up with Hillary Clinton in Charlotte, but Obama?  Nah!

I asked, “would Vincent Sheheen have the courage to do attend a President Obama event in the Palmetto state?

The question, of course, is moot since Barack Obama doesn’t have the guts to come to South Carolina.  He’s less popular in South Carolina than mayo on barbecue.

However, Vice President Biden came to town recently and, although Vincent hobnobbed with him at a fundraiser in D.C. – away from Palmetto State eyes – he couldn’t make arrangements for a joint appearance in his home state.  “Scheduling conflict” you know… 

No, Vincent Sheheen wants nothing to do with his party’s standard bearer.  It’s almost as if he is ashamed of President Obama and his leadership.  (Curious, isn’t it, that Sheheen is using “leadership” as the theme of his campaign, but he doesn’t have the man parts to challenge the president on his lack of same.)

Now, to be fair, there would be nothing to gain for either Obama or Sheheen to appear together in South Carolina.  Look at what happened in Maryland, a state as blue as South Carolina is red.  The sitting Lt. Governor – a black Democrat – is running for governor against a Republican small businessman. Lt. Gov. Brown saw his poll numbers plummet NINE POINTS after President Obama stumped for him in Maryland.  That drop has made the race a statistical dead heat – in MARYLAND!

Yeah, this is the same state in which blacks walked out during an Obama speech.

So, given the jeopardy in which Sheheen would put his campaign, maybe it isn’t fair to call him gutless for avoiding the Obama Administration.

Nah!  He’s gutless.

Vincent Sheheen chose to be a Democrat.  He chose to align himself with the party of Barack Obama, Jim Clyburn, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Al Gore, Hillary Clinton and Al Sharpton.maxresdefault (1)

It is the philosophy of  these people and other liberal Democrats that Vincent Sheheen would bring to the Governor’s Mansion.  He would have to in order to position himself favorably with the national party.  Sheheen would have to buy into the liberal agenda to raise money from unions, abortion activists, climate change advocates, Common Core proponents and the tax happy.

But Sheheen doesn’t want the South Carolina electorate to think about that.  To be elected he has to divert attention elsewhere so voters don’t connect the dots between Vincent Sheheen and liberal progressives.  For that, he is a coward.

He wants liberal money but doesn’t want to be seen in public with those who give it.

Sounds like a prostitute, doesn’t it?

On November 4, I anticipate South Carolina voters with escort this whore out the door.




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