The Fools We Are

The American voting public is showing itself to be a collection of the selfish, lazy, ignorant and foolish.  As the world gets smaller, its constriction is choking our economy, strangling our security and suffocating our national pride.  And all the while, we champion the most absurd group of political candidates in modern times.  Rather than caring, we just get more stupid.

Leading the Republican pack is a man whose speeches are nothing more than vapid rants serving his ego more than public discussion.  He has no record that can make any Republican comfortable and his Tea Party affiliation is dangerous.  The Tea Party, like Donald Trump, is a disaster not waiting to happen, but building to happen.  A Trump/Tea Party government would be akin to a frat house running a university.

With one or two exceptions, there isn’t much left in the GOP tank.  Jeb Bush, John Kasich, Rand Paul, Rick Santorum and Lindsey Graham are irrelevant.  Mike Huckabee and Carly Fiorina can’t get traction.  Ben Carson has kind of crazied himself out of the picture.  Ted Cruz is creepy and has the same Tea Party stain as Trump.  Marco Rubio can’t navigate past some of his own policies, particularly on immigration.

The Democrats are even worse.  It’s either the Socialist (Bernie Sanders), the guy who tried to tax rain (Martin O’Malley) or Hillary Clinton (if that is her real name).

What’s wrong with us?  We’ve screwed up on selecting Presidents before (Obama, Clinton, George H.W. Bush, Jimmy Carter …) and we’ll no doubt do it again.  But in 2015/6, the great age of information, why are we so stinking bad at recognizing the stinking bad?

There are some very smart and honest people in the United States.  Most of the candidates above are smart, but presidential material?  Leaders?  Roosevelt-like?  Reaganesque?  

Instead, the Republican field is led by a carnival barker and the Democrats by a serial liar.  AND WE KNOW IT.  We just don’t care.  Entertainment is more important that common sense on one side and ignorance of reality bests reality on the other.

The list of national troubles and potential crises is far too great to turn over to the insincere, the egotistic, the dishonest, the small minded, the inexperienced, the out of touch and the creepy.  Yeah, yeah, that pretty much describes our entire political class, but whose fault is that?  I don’t want to hear about big money politics, crony capitalism, PACs and Super PACs, backroom dealers or special interests.

If, as a voter, you are swayed by slick media campaigns, clever rhetoric or political chicanery, then you don’t deserve to vote.  We have available to us more information that has ever been accessible by an American electorate.  If you don’t use it, you are a fool.

A very smart man once told his son; “if you’re going to be stupid, you better be tough.”

If America is going to be stupid in her choice of President, she better be tough because Hell’s coming and it doesn’t take excuses.



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