For the Fifth: Chad Connelly

This message is for the people of South Carolina’s Fifth Congressional.

When you first elected Mick Mulvaney in 2010, ending the 14-term run of Democrat John Spratt, you sent a very, very clear message.  What we all heard then – and since – is that you have had enough of government misfeasance.   You are fed up with federal spending, liberal policies, judicial misconduct and so much more. And what is critically important – you do something about it!

With Mulvaney having resigned from Congress to run the Office of Management and Budget, you have yet another chance to continue your recent record of service to the country.

South Carolina and the country have benefitted from the wisdom and passion of the electorate in the 5th and, now, we look to you again.  In Chad Connelly, you have a candidate who shares your passions and perfectly reflects the values of your district.

220px-Chad_Connelly_(Hi-Res)Insiders believe that Connelly’s efforts as the GOP’s the first ever-National Director of Faith Engagement were paramount in focusing pastors, religious leaders and faith-based groups on core Republican principles and, ultimately, getting them to the ballot box to defeat Hillary Clinton.

Chad has developed experiences and nurtured relationships beyond the borders of the Palmetto State.  He has established affiliations with and the respect of members of Congress, the Administration, Conservative leaders and power players of a like mind.  The endorsements he has been given thus far are telling: House Freedom Caucus Chairman Mark Meadows, National Pro-Family leader Dr. James Dobson, Conservative author Erick Erickson and the President of the South Carolina Chapter of Rolling Thunder Al Guest. No doubt more are coming.

Chad Connelly is a smart man, a passionate man, a loyal man, a man of deep faith in his God and the Constitution.  Chad Connelly is a good man and, as a representative of the values of the 5th District, he is the right man.

Folks of the 5th, you have a long list of candidates from which to choose, but when you work through that list logically, thoughtfully and with the same passion and wisdom you’ve shown in the recent past, the list becomes one:  Chad Connelly.

/Charlie Speight/


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