Why Can’t Liberals Be Honest?

The national political environment is an odd habitat in which there is – if you believe the established and compromised media – the “progressives” on the left (though that orientation is seldom advertised) – and the “far right.” To the “far right” are “conservatives,” “fiscal conservatives,” “social conservatives,” “tea baggers” (a derisive and vulgar term intended to demean the Tea Party), the “alt right” and other terms intended to define that portion of the spectrum.

“Moderates” are those who are too smart to be “far right,” but not yet “progressive” enough. During elections, “moderates” are called “undecided.”

Remember the “soccer mom” campaign by Dem/Libs a few years back? Well, those soccer moms are now having tea parties and their former champions are nowhere be found. Why is that?

The Tea Parties are the result of a grass-roots, non-partisan, citizen disaffection with national governance. They propose lower taxes, smaller government and spending cuts.

It was this uncongested idealogy, this simple yet powerful return to a government as a republic that put Donald Trump in the White House.

The growth of the Tea Party has led to some discord in the Republican ranks.  It’s a philosophical battle between the sanctimonious purists on the far libertarian right and the pragmatic.  Still, the core of the Tea Party ideals are the real center of the Republic.  One would think that, given their own sanctimony, that liberals would want to appeal to such a large body of the population  so dedicated to the principles of Constitutional liberty.  Right?

Instead, liberals vilify those on the right as “extremists,”  “anarchists” and “terrorists” while their paid millions engage in violent, hate-fueled protests.

Is there any effort by the Democrat Party – the self-proclaimed “Big Tent Party” – to appeal to the Tea Parties? If not (and there isn’t), why not?

Can Dem/Libs explain why they don’t want lower taxes? Doesn’t their opposition to this mean they want higher taxes? Why?

Can Dem/Libs explain why they don’t want smaller government? Doesn’t their opposition to this mean they want bigger government? Why?

Can Dem/Libs explain why they don’t want to cut spending? Doesn’t their opposition to this mean they want to at least keep spending high? Why?

Can Dem/Libs explain why they make excuses for admitting illegal immigrants into the country and allowing them the rights, privileges, services and resources of tax-paying American citizens? Why do they do that?

Can Dem/Libs explain Obama Care?  I don’t mean why have health care for everyone, I mean why as written, imposed and executed?  (Here’s a hint: No.)

So why don’t the Dem/Libs be honest with the public (pause for laughter to subside) and just say it?:

They are far left, high tax, big government spendthrifts with no regard for legal residency.

Why can’t they just admit it?



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