So, why is it …?

It’s a complicated world, isn’t it? Things that should intuitively make sense, don’t, and the blatantly illogical is somehow accepted as reasonable. And we, ourselves perpetrate such twisted rationale.

For instance . . 

Profilinge is BAD. Can’t profile. Nope. Illegal, racist, sexist, this-ist, that-ist. BOOOO profiling! Just because a twenty-something Arab male is flying on a U.S. carrier from Tripoli to London with no checked baggage, is sweating profusely and mumbling passages from the Koran does NOT mean he is a person of interest or threat to anyone else on that plane. Why should he be?

However, U.S. insurance companies are allowed to charge higher premiums for a teenage male driver than for a teenage female driver because of … actuarial tables. They can also levy higher premiums based on where a person lives, the car they drive and marital status. Why isn’t that considered profiling or, even worse, discrimination?

And what about gun permits? Isn’t the Constitution permit enough?

Or …

– Considering Al Pacino a good actor.

– Calling Michele Obama “glamorous.” She looks like she as a wad of chaw in her bottom lip!

– The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper” album rated as one of the best in history.

– The longevity of The Gecko.

– The popularity of heavily sauced BBQ. If it needs sauce, maybe the meat isn’t so good. If it needs a LOT, maybe it isn’t meat.

– Any activity that requires judge’s opinions to determine a winner being called a “sport.”

– Calling someone a racist actually MAKING them a racist.

– Dismissing the word “illegal” in illegal aliens.

– Banning millions of people from saying a particular word, no matter the context, but permitting to be spoken by millions of other people in any context.

– Believing celebrities have magical powers of wisdom and moral authority.

If only common sense was more … common.



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