Why Can’t Liberals Be Honest?

The national political environment is an odd habitat in which there is – if you believe the established and compromised media – the “progressives” on the left (though that orientation is seldom advertised) – and the “far right.” To the “far right” are “conservatives,” “fiscal conservatives,” “social conservatives,” “tea baggers” (a derisive and vulgar term intended to demean the Tea Party), the “alt right” and other terms intended to define that portion of the spectrum. Continue reading


Do You Remember America?

Do you recall that magnificent, unapologetic juggernaut of democracy and freedom  called America?

Do you remember the America that made herself into a mighty power that she used to protect the oppressed elsewhere in the world, asking for little in return? Continue reading

For America: Roll Tide!

On January 9, 2017, Clemson and Alabama will have a rematch of last year”s NCAA football National Championship, won, fortunately, by the Crimson Tide.  

My sentiments have not changed.

I am a Gamecock: an alum, husband of an alum, parent of two alums, uncle to two alums, brother to two alums and of the fourth generation to attend the University of South Carolina.

I have friends, neighbors, colleagues and (sadly) family that are Clemson alums or fans.

In 2015, the Gamecock football team was not just a disappointment, it was an abysmal failure.  Clemson is undefeated and playing for the national championship.  The team is talented and indisputably the best team in the state.  This year.

As a South Carolina resident, I am told I should root for Clemson in their championship quest as a show of Palmetto State brotherhood.  “It’s a South Carolina team” is the mantra for co-opting Gamecocks into Tiger Nation, if only for one game.


Continue reading

The Fools We Are

The American voting public is showing itself to be a collection of the selfish, lazy, ignorant and foolish.  As the world gets smaller, its constriction is choking our economy, strangling our security and suffocating our national pride.  And all the while, we champion the most absurd group of political candidates in modern times.  Rather than caring, we just get more stupid. Continue reading

On Refusing Refugees

I had an online “conversation” recently about Syrian refugees coming to the United States. I was lectured to by presumed liberals repeating the Obama “that’s not who we are” mantra when I promoted caution over altruism.

Their argument is understandable – to a point.  Being a nation of immigrants, America is a nation that celebrates diverse roots and transplanted citizenry. So why not let in more, especially those seeking asylum from danger? Continue reading

The Confederacy Is Dead, So Everybody Shut Up!

The removal of the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia from the South Carolina State House grounds took a lot more energy and drew far more attention than necessary.  The circumstances that prompted its furling was beyond horrible and the person responsible is the lowest form of human scum; that cannot be debated.

The ensuing and nauseating conversation not just about the flag, but of things Southern is far beyond reasonable.  In the name of reason, good manners and national sanity, the two most vocal sides of the Great Confederacy Debate of 2015 both need to shut up. Continue reading

Will the Constitution Destroy America?

Americans take great pride in our nation’s founding documents.  At the time of its publication, the Declaration of Independence was an astounding rebuke of tyrannical rule that took the spirit of the Magna Carta and, with the subsequent Constitution, “formed a more perfect union.”  Not perfect, but more perfect.

That Constitution is one of mankind’s most important documents.  It created a government and a governmental process unlike any ever seen and, in doing so, empowered the citizens as the masters of their national fate.

In the 239 years since its adoption, the Constitution, much like the Bible, has been massaged, interpreted, misinterpreted, ignored, blasphemed, misquoted, misrepresented and amended.  And, as it is with both, so much analysis and opinion has been applied to their principles that the core values they intended to nurture have been lost. Continue reading