A Phantom Menace to Stop ISIS

What can we do is stop ISIS’s momentum, eradicate its leadership and shut down its resources?  We know it can’t be accomplished by air strikes and pale international pacts. History is smothered in examples of failed diplomacy in the Middle East. Forget coalitions with Arab countries. Previous such alliances have ultimately failed and have been fraught with debilitating concessions. We usually find ourselves allying with former foes and fighting forces to whom we had previously given support, including weapons, training and intelligence.  And after our “intervention,” the weasels pop back up out of their holes and resume that which we were “committed” to stop. Continue reading


On Refusing Refugees

I had an online “conversation” recently about Syrian refugees coming to the United States. I was lectured to by presumed liberals repeating the Obama “that’s not who we are” mantra when I promoted caution over altruism.

Their argument is understandable – to a point.  Being a nation of immigrants, America is a nation that celebrates diverse roots and transplanted citizenry. So why not let in more, especially those seeking asylum from danger? Continue reading