So, why is it …?

It’s a complicated world, isn’t it? Things that should intuitively make sense, don’t, and the blatantly illogical is somehow accepted as reasonable. And we, ourselves perpetrate such twisted rationale.

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Tears of the Snowflakes

We are seeing the true black heart of the American Liberal.

Since the election results, we’ve seen street protests, calls for impeaching a President-elect (seriously!), blacks viciously beating a white Trump supporter (assault, battery, hate crime, racism, intolerance), a movement for California to secede from the Union (not only is this sedition, it’s what those nasty Confederates did. It’s also xenophobic and smacks of exceptionalism) and threats of killing the President-elect (Just publicly proposing it is a federal felony).   Continue reading

Dear Momma: A Mother’s Day Letter

Dear Momma,

I had a good laugh today and, as always, I thought of you.  Of all my memories, the ones of you laughing are my favorites.  From the soft giggles to those tear-inducing, breath-stealing hoots, remembering your happiness is a wonderful comfort.

Whenever I see and hear your great-grandchildren laugh, I do so wish you could be there to show them how it’s really done!  But, as you taught us, we have to do things our own way and as we see fit. Continue reading

The Fools We Are

The American voting public is showing itself to be a collection of the selfish, lazy, ignorant and foolish.  As the world gets smaller, its constriction is choking our economy, strangling our security and suffocating our national pride.  And all the while, we champion the most absurd group of political candidates in modern times.  Rather than caring, we just get more stupid. Continue reading

Gamecocks Love the Sting of Battle!


“You need to overcome the tug of people against you as you reach for high goals.
Accept the challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory.

George S. Patton

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The Flag, Again?

The once-great controversy about the confederate flag on the South Carolina State House grounds has faded, though the feelings about it have not.  An article in The State paper today brought it back up and reminded me not of heritage, but childishness.

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English Madness and America


I’ve long admired Winston Churchill and revere him as freedom’s greatest champion.

An intellectual master and political giant, Winston Churchill saved Great Britain from the Nazi juggernaut with superior oratory, pure leadership, undaunted patriotism and a granite-firm strength of the principles of liberty. Continue reading