Why Can’t Liberals Be Honest?

The national political environment is an odd habitat in which there is – if you believe the established and compromised media – the “progressives” on the left (though that orientation is seldom advertised) – and the “far right.” To the “far right” are “conservatives,” “fiscal conservatives,” “social conservatives,” “tea baggers” (a derisive and vulgar term intended to demean the Tea Party), the “alt right” and other terms intended to define that portion of the spectrum. Continue reading


Scraping the Color From Racism

For decades, Republicans and conservatives have tried to point out to the black community that Democrats and liberals were taking them for granted.  The blind devotion to the Democrat Party, they were told, has done nothing to improve their lot.  Adopting Liberal politics has not only kept African-Americans from advancing, but those politics are in conflict with traditional values and religious beliefs.

It appears that is changing.

“They’re not pushing a family agenda.  They’re pushing a neo-liberal agenda!”

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Abortions Vs Guns: Which Is The Greater Threat?

Liberals.  Bless their hearts, they have such a hard time developing logical arguments.  Whether it’s bemoaning Global Warming in the midst of a record-breaking freeze or telling nuns they need birth control, they just can’t get their feces organized.  And then there is the Republican “War on Women,” so declared because the GOP doesn’t like the idea of savagely murdering the unborn (or, just born). 

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