The (Tea) Party’s Over

As a conservative it is impossible for me to argue against the principles of the Tea Party.  Lower taxes, smaller government, reduced government spending and Constitutional absolutism are solid, nay, essential ideals of a republican form of government.  I don’t believe any Republican Party politician would disagree either, at least, not out loud.  There may even be a few Democrats who will give a hearty “Amen,” though they might do so only under duress, and, even then, not mean it. Continue reading


Mick, Mark, Mace and (Bad) Magic

Politics and magic have much in common.  There are illusions, fanciful repartee, misdirection and secrecy in both.  The primary difference is that with magic, we know we’re being fooled and don’t care.  With politics, most of us care and don’t like being fooled.  And then, there are the fools

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