Why Can’t Liberals Be Honest?

The national political environment is an odd habitat in which there is – if you believe the established and compromised media – the “progressives” on the left (though that orientation is seldom advertised) – and the “far right.” To the “far right” are “conservatives,” “fiscal conservatives,” “social conservatives,” “tea baggers” (a derisive and vulgar term intended to demean the Tea Party), the “alt right” and other terms intended to define that portion of the spectrum. Continue reading


The (Tea) Party’s Over

As a conservative it is impossible for me to argue against the principles of the Tea Party.  Lower taxes, smaller government, reduced government spending and Constitutional absolutism are solid, nay, essential ideals of a republican form of government.  I don’t believe any Republican Party politician would disagree either, at least, not out loud.  There may even be a few Democrats who will give a hearty “Amen,” though they might do so only under duress, and, even then, not mean it. Continue reading

Mulvaney: Immigration

Rep. Mick Mulvaney (SC-5) held a town hall meeting in his district recently.  There is nothing inherently unusual about that, but this one made the Drudge Report because (1) it was primarily for Hispanics, (2) he conducted it in Spanish and (3) he is a Tea Party conservative addressing immigration. Continue reading